Friday, October 29, 2010

Imprudence Virtual Worlds Viewer / Experimental v1.4.0 2010.10.23 / Big Thumbs Down

July 30 this year I reinstated this blogg in order to offer reviews of some of the different viewers available for SecondLife and various other OpenSimm grids. During that time I have wanted to review the Imprudence Viewer, but never felt I could really give it a fair shot, to many bugs, poor performance, wierd feature set.

Well finally, today I decided to load the latest Experimental Build. The only visible improvement I can see is that they made the mini map re-sizable down to an acceptable scale. If you have a very fast high performance rig, and extremely quick internet connection, you may find it adequate for grid hopping. Other than that, there is no way I can recommend this viewer to anyone. I even spent an hour combing through the debug settings trying to coax some extra performance, but to no avail. If you are a TPV Dev. you may want to toy with the source code, but for casual use, total thumbs down.

It is plagued by blurry textures, an almost nonexistent FPS of 1.5 Admittedly this is an experimental build, and a new one is introduced every weekend. I'll give it another try in late November or early December. As it stands right now, they do have a stable 1.3 version available. But for the mean time I intend to spend more time following advancements made to Viewer 2 and the SnowStorm team.

I really do not enjoy having to post such a negative review, of any ones hard work, and devotion, but I am being totally unbiased here. If any readers have experienced different results than myself, I would appreciate comments and an opportunity to offer a rebuttal.

JayR Cela :(

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