Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SecondLife(R) Phillip Rosedale of Linden Lab(R) Steps Aside Again ~ Is There a Method to the Madness ?

 For those of us that follow the current state of ongoing affairs at LL and SecondLife. I beleave there is a method here, we certainly have seen some radicalily differnt methods of problem solving taking place on the Labs part during the past 4 months.
  1. Phillip Linden cam right out upon his return as CEO, and said that it was going to be temporary, until someone else could be found.
  2. The pace of development on both the Server and Client side, would be increasing at a greatly accelerated pace, from the previous approach from doing things.
  3. Get rid of some dead weight.
  4. Fast, Easy and Fun seemed to be the mantra.
  • Just take a look at the SL Viewer Download  page. There are 6 different versions, 2 of which are considered by the Lab as stable, the reaming 4 are in various Alpha and Beta stages.
  • This does not even begin to include the number of TPV Viewers being developed, and involved.
  • #3 Getting rid of some dead weight. Well the people or persons that headed up and maintained the main SL Web Page, and whom I believe also borked the Search feature, and may have also been responsible for screwing up XStreet and the new SL Market Place, and Viewer 2 are all gone now. Unfortunately a number of other employes that work on their teams were let go as well. Things are in a fix it mode now.
  • #4 Fast Easy and Fun, I am not going to make a comment on this issue yet, because I am defiantly not a happy camper. When I have something good to say I will. You cannot expect overnight miracles to happen, when any organization or company makes such drastic changes.
I have been attending a number of the Project SnowStorm meetings as an observer only. I am not a coder, I am a SL user. I am also just beginning to work in the Film Industry as an  Audio Mixer, Production and Post Production, in that profession anything can happen, at any time, and believe me it does. I equate this to the current state of affairs at LL. And for me, it is very easy to be sympathetic. Everyone working on all of these differnt projects are giving it their best effort.

I have been a Sl resident since 2005, and have never seen anything like this happening before.

Phillip clearly stated that it would take at least 2 Quarters before any appreciable results could be seen, perhaps 1 year to work out and solve the mess created by the former CEO M Linden and his team. It has only been 4 months. What can you expect, this is a scramble to fix a number of issues.

I believe that as the SnowStorm Team digs SL out of the Viewer 2 hole, that never should have been dug to begin with. Things by this time next year, I am predicting will be much better. But it is not going to happen without people that truly believe in, and love SL, at least attempt to get involved. Attend LL SL meetings if and when you are able too. Not to rant or bash, and make un-constructive or belligerent comments. Be positive, keep and open mind. All of these people are working very hard and are extremely dedicated. Quite a few of them actually devote their work for free as Open Source developers.

The Project SnowStorm Wiki page is located here

The Linden Lab SecondLife Office Hours calendar page here

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