Friday, December 10, 2010

The Dolphin Viewer for Second Life V2.3.0 &

I said that this week would be a lot of fun for me, exploring various viewers for SL. The Dolphin 1.5.x proved to really be an extremely nice choice if you like simplicity, ease of use, tons of power under the hood, and a definite Retro look similar to the old LL 1.19.x series. The V2.3.0 was a bit of a disappointment after using the LL V2.4 Beta and Kirsten's S(20)(43). So you may want to hold off until a V2.4 version arrives.

Version 1.5 is available for Win / Mac / Linux, V2.3 is only available on Linux and is geared towards OpenSuse 11.1 / 11.2 / 11.3 offering a one click installation procedure, for other distro's a standard .tar.bz2 file is available as well.

Dolphin V2.3 is a definate big YAWN !!, non transparent windows !! However it does include a Worn tab in the inventory box. And an excellent Mini Map whom the Dev. claims is made for people that are into sailing their boats in SL. I have to admit to not really spending much time with this release, as I feel the upcoming 2.4 should be worth the wait. Here are a few screen shots.

V.1.5.x proved to indeed be an excellent choice for Sailing the waterway's and lakes in SL, although I did not actually use a boat ( I flew instead ) all Sim crossings were flawless, including the dreaded "Corner Sim Boarder" problem. I believe this may be due to new server technology being used by LL on the back end. But I seem to recall reading something on the viewers web page regarding improvements in their viewer code to improve reliability for boarder crossings.

There are no extra build tools, radar or enhanced WindLight settings here, just a rock solid, stable and fun viewer to use. Highly Recommended for boaters and those folks that are into flying around in SL

Killer Mini Map Features

Standard MM

Shows Physical Objects in Red

LOL this is Fun :_)

Tons of Power Under The Hood

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