Thursday, December 9, 2010

SecondLife Viewer2 Beta 4 vs. Kirsten's S(20)(43)

  Well I must say one thing right off the bat. Both of these viewers are a pleasure to use. If you like cutting edge features, and have a good rig, defiantly give Kirsten's a try. If you are more comfortable sticking with official LL release's' you cant go wrong with the new Beta 4. Seems to me that the Lab is finally listening to the user base, and implementing some long over due enhancement's and features. I can actually use this productively while building, will need more testing, but so far so good. I love the fact that transparency to different
features focus control has finally be addressed, by LL in Beta4. The auto updating feature looks like a good idea as well.  Here are some screen shots

Viewer2 Beta4 

Kirsten S(20)(43)                                                 Tons of Extra Setup Features

Wow things sure have changed in the last 5 weeks, besides a still annoying IM and Group System Chat kludge,( I cant stand the current piece of crap ) both of these viewers seem to be an excellent choice. If you are into taking photo's or making machination then Kirsten's S(20)(43) is a no hands down winner. I also noticed that the FPS was regularly 5 or 6 frames ahead of Beta4 is all test situations.

Feels great to be back !
JayR Cela :_)

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