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SecondLife Viewer2.5 "What's Up With Web Profile's ?" "TOTAL BIG THUMB'S DOWN !!!" "Part 2"

 By Avatar JayR Cela

     The more and more I use SL V2, the more I dislike and loathe even having to log in with it in order to write another post, about this horrible product.
    LL has touted in the past ( more than enough time's ) all the power is under the hood. Supposedly for future upgrade's. What future ? A future of "Fear and Loathing ?" being forced to use such a severely flawed User Interface ?

    Let's start over, just in case you missed Part 1 of this series. ( My sister Xentue Ryder, will be helping me today with this ) Open the horrible Side Bar, find your friend, stare at some poorly designed Icon's ( widgets ), figure out which one you actually need, via "Hover Tips", call up your friends profile and wait........ wait a little longer and wha-laaa.

  After it eventually load's ( more waiting ) Your profile eventually pops up ! OK, go back and stare some more and figure out what Icon you actually need to open.


   Select the correct one ( wait some more again ) access your friends profile. Open a Drop Down Window, and select Offer Teleport.

    Ok, so what does you friend see on their screen ?


  Notice how the message is seen on the screen briefly, and then does a graceful dissolving routine and is now another annoying little Icon, located on the lower right hand corner of your screen. Let's say for instance, that you were away from your computer, grabbing a cup of coffee.

   Upon returning, you fail to notice the little bugger, or worse yet, you happen to belong to several overly chatty groups, being constantly bombarded with group gossip or spam.

     Now it's a game of Hide & Seek.

     After you cycle through all the clutter and finally determine that someone has offered you a TP to their location, your all set to go and merrily zip on over.

     Next  up, you need to remove the TP offer message that refuse's to go away on it's own, until you either click on the little X or move (walk ) which still in itself requires that you click somewhere on the screen.

    So let's get back to working with your wonderful new profile setting's, and what a total pain in the ass it has become ! ( That is unless you happen to enjoy, a whole lot of unnecessary mouse click's )

Ok let's first determine how is the best way to

open our profile. I can click on my Avatar,
or use the ludicrous, and
much hated SideBar.

 Either way, you will still
have to play the waiting game.

Yay !

It's now open and ready to use. So let's take a look at this new and shiny beast. Look's pretty fancy, don't it. The lab should be proud of how cool it look's, to bad they seemed to have completely forgotten about the latest really big Buzz-Word  ACCESSIBILITY !!!

    Nope the light is not Green yet. How about, ease of use ? Why do you think so many people today use an I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Pad or Google's Android OS system on such a wide variety of Mobile Communication Device's ? Could it perhaps be that they are easy to use ?
     NAWW ! that could not possibly be the reason. I just love overly complicated stuff. There is nothing someone enjoy's better than having to snuggle up late at night with a Telephone Book sized Owners Manual, in order to learn how to operate a New Television, their really cool looking Home Theater System, and figure out what all the 50 tiny little buttons on the remote control actually do.

     Crap ! I just want to turn the darn thing on, select something to watch, sit back, take a break and enjoy myself.

That's not the case here !

Lets go play hide and seek, some 
more, while we explore the overly
 complex, and exciting depth's
of the new and wonderful
User Profile System.

    Wow ! this is so much fun :((((((((
Let's just toss out the Fast and Easy portion of the equation, that part has long been forgotten. Now it seem's to be a matter of, how difficult can we possibly make the User Interface !

  OK, now i am going to log off after have saving my new privacy setting's, log back in and see if they stuck.

    Here are my last settings that I did save.

 Remember these ? Good !

 I Log back in, go through the
cumbersome task of opening my
profile again.

    And WHAM !!!!!!! Guess What ? Viewer 2.5  managed to reset it's self. At least it no longer default's to the Everyone category. Woo Boy ! Hurray ! Sing praises to the heaven's for at least that much.

    But I have a serious question to ask. Does anyone on the LL SL Beta Team, actually use their own product during the testing stage's ?

    It's really not so terribly horrible, or is it ? I guess that all depends on your personal opinions. Do you like it easy, or do you like it hard ? Both Cummere and Selby have been following this more than I have. Perhaps that is because, I am a died in the wool Phoenix user, so I'll just post a few more screen shot's and comments, log out of V2.5 and get back to using a real viewer, not this piece of crud !

 I'll start by offering my SL partner Cathy some earrings.

Not to difficult, but still was much easier with any V1.x series.
There are lot's of things that used to be much simpler.

Why does the Social Team at the Lab seem so intent on mucking up the water ?

I have no idea, or explanation.

    Will things eventually get better. More and likely yes. There are a lot of very dedicated, talented people working on the SnowStorm Team, and other Open Source Dev's as well. Here are 2 pictures as proof. Yesterday's SnowStorm meeting, and today's Oz Linden's Office Hour. ( Group Meeting )

    One thing continues to amaze me though. The SnowStorm Team keeps fixing things, sends them off to the Beta Team, ( who seems to be living in a completely different world ) and proceeds to break them again. And as far as The Social Team goes, both Cummere and Selby, have done a great job explaining that mess. I just had to throw in my 2L$'s worth too.

JayR Cela :_)

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