Sunday, April 10, 2011

SecondLife "Ok Now for Something Really Differnt "JIRA is Worthless And Viewer2 is Dead"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Alright let's get the ball rolling today. I'm gonna toss the dice here, anyone out there actually using Viewer2 for something more than an occasional spin around the block ?

    The recent decision to dumb down V2 is a complete joke, and a poor one at that. Nothing better than standing on a bus or a subway, starring down on a 4 inch screen. Does the Lab in their Wildest Dream's think that the V2 dummy mode will actually attract new paying customers ?

    How about the new physic's option's, Wow Bouncy Boob's and Jiggly Hip's. Ok if your a Guy a Big Ugly Beer Belly. This stuff is so old and was introduced way back in 2009 by Emerald. And SnowStorm is just getting around to it ?

    On Friday during a meeting if was asked to post a Jira about MUTING GROUP CHATS !!!!!. Am I considered to be a complete Idiot ? Someone may need to stop and rethink. Could that be me ? Hmmm ? well I'm definitely a nut case. That's fairly obvious. My insanity is more than apparent. I am deffinetly the screwball loon in the house.

      I think perhaps I will be 1 gazillion link's to an issue that is all to relevant to most SL people think Viewer2 is a broken piece of trash. And for that matter / Grumpity please do not lecture me on a Jira Issue you and your team have crearly ignored.

Auto Build on MS2010 ? Hey !! Oz ya really got me wondering on this one. Has any one in the real world ever heard about Linux or Mac's. You continue to keep putting out a complete piece of worthless garbage, and make excuse's for utter ineptness

    So how many more time's am I going to continue my incessant babbling before someone listen'swith ?
This Issue has been consistently been Ignored by LL, Time and Time again. The only folk's that have addressed it is the Phoenix Team. Guess those folk's are at least awake.

    I mean come on folk's, get a fricking life. A simple query on most search engines finds link's dating as far back as 2007. So what year is this ? OMG ! it's 2011 ? Hmmm, if my math correct, that's 4 year's, and 2+2=3.999999999

    As we look at SL V2,and as the fiasco seemingly plummets into oblivion, this abomination of a viewer that continues to devolve into Elvira's Midnight Crappy Movie Macabre Show.

      So many discarded feature's from V1 are every so slowly being reintegrated into this mess. I sometimes wonder who is in charge of the hen house. The Fox or the Weasel ?

    Well it's definitely not the Fox, he's way to smart for that. Could it possibly be Wil'e Coyote ? Oh yeah Bug's Bunny. Figured out him years ago. Elmer Fudd, I guess he is in charge now.

     So as I was so humbly asked to post a Jira on that unsearchable mess of useless crud, let me ask you this ? Have you ever tried to use that thing ? This somehow is supposed to be SL's saving grace ? A complete and incomplete excuse to just write off all of our complaints into a totally endless morass of oblivion.

    Viewer 2 has got to be the biggest piece of crap to ever come out of a programmers worst nightmare. Just ask the guy behind the keyboard, they can not even support it any longer, unless they are a MS Woss. So We somehow manage to call this progress ?

    Don't ya just Love Grey on Dark green.It is a complete nightmare. Auto build Haaaa ! Who's big joke was that ? o.O I know who's one that was. Oh My.
    OK it was my friend, but I have no intention of apologizing.

Kirsten and Hitomi have lovely and pleasant color schemes. The Viewer Team just does not seem to get it.

    Personaly I find it insulting even bothering to post thing's that  LL keeps telling me I constantly express my un-used opinion on. JIRA /Ooop's I don't ever waste my time with Jira. May it Rest In Peace.


Phoenix,Kirsten's and Dolphin Rule, "Viewer 2 Need's A Lot Of Work"

JayR Cela :(

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