Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The SecondLife Technologist "Name Change" "The Virtual World Technologist"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Just as I was, dusting off the soot from my recent ban and ability to attend LL meetings. "OUCH" A good friend of mine suggested, that I change the name of this blog. Giving it some serious thought, and a lot of cup's of tea. I said what the heck.

    So from here on. I am dropping the SecondLife moniker from the blog's name.

    Does that mean I am taking my ball and bat, leaving the game, this wonderful place SL ? NO !!!

    I will continue my unrelenting, and observant view's of a Virtual World that has about 2, possibly 3 year's left, before people just say the heck with it. Viewer2 is a disaster. At least in it's current form.

   Oh yeah, ya just gotta read this post from New World Notes by Avatar James Au Wagner

Why Second Life Can't Survive on Its Current Users Alone (And Why Only Mass Growth Will Save It)


    It's a real eye opener !

JayR Cela

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