Monday, April 11, 2011

Where fore art thou XMPP

It's been more than two years since LL first heard about XMPP, that chat protocol that big sites like Facebook and Google use for their chat systems. Back then LL said it wasn't scalable.

Right. As if their lame chat system is. It's a game any more to talk on group chat, some posts taking five or more minutes to post or even dropping altogether. And LL have been so helpful making an error message telling us that their system is crap and can't be relied upon to deliver a message.

Lindens, if you never listen to another user, and I'm not sure you ever did, listen to the crowd who are clamoring for a decent chat system. XMPP IS that chat system. It is scalable, distributable and can take a huge load off your region servers, which will help with other lag issues.

Get your act together LL, give us XMPP

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

For details of the current work that LL is doing on XMPP see