Friday, May 27, 2011

SecondLife "Installing a New SL Client" " Proper Removal and Installation of the Prior Client"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok this problem pop's up from time to time, for myself it's on a regular basis. If you are a Linux user, then I am assuming that your way ahead of the game, and the average person when it comes to this issue. Mac people, well you folk's live in a whole different world, and I have to admit I don't have a clue. But for Window's user's setting up a new SL viewer can cause untold nightmare's when it comes to dealing with SL, and moving to a new viewer.

    I'm not about to delve into a Window's bashing spree here. Some of my best friend's are Window's user's. ( LOL )

     The thing you need to remember is the Window's Registry, that son of a gun is a total mess. All sort's of odd stuff get's tucked away deep inside it's murky depth's as you un-install and install various pieces of software. Ultimately you end up with one screwed up computer, that typically runs like a doped up hamster on a lopsided treadmill.

    There are however was to avoid this quicksand trap. Especially when it come to SL client software. A total and complete removal, of the previous installation. I know,I know, there are uninstall  procedure's and routines, but I'm telling ya flat out that they DON"T WORK !!

    You may have removed the SL client, but your Windows Registry is littered with tiny little Got-Cha's all over the place

   All is not lost however, there are some wonderful free tool's available to eliminate these potential problems. And they are free !

#1 a good un-installer
#2 a good registry cleaner
#3 an extra registry cleaner
     I'm going to turn you on to them now. Two of them are from IOBit Software. 
    The third is from an open source developer GlarySoft.

Iobituninstaller, this program is a must have for anyone that regularly updates their SL client. It does an excellent job of removing about 95% of any Windows based program, I say 95% because of the pesky registry issue's mentioned above.

IOBit Advanced System Care, another must have for any Windows user, basically this is a tool box, just chock full of little goodies, the main one of interest here is the Registry Cleaner.

GlarySoft Glary Utilities pretty much this is the same as the above, just a different flavor.

    First off, removal of the old program. Run the uninstaller, next use both of the registry cleaners. I say run both registry cleaners for a good reason. No program is perfect, and there are always crazy odd's and end's in your registry that the first pass from one program will miss, and the second one will pick up.

     At this point you should be all set and good to go.

   Install your new SL viewer, log in and wait for your inventory to load.  LOL :_)

JayR Cela :_)


xValleriex said...

Ever since I've Downloaded Second Life Viewer2, it Caused me a bit Shits on my Desktop Even though I've Moved Viewers, Sometimes The Desktop Icons Doesnt Load & It will never Open a Folder Nor Programs until the Icons & the Little "Refresh" Icons Load, Maybe I'd try this Sometimes When i'm Ready, Thanks JayR your Blog & Your Team Rules :D

Mister Acacia said...

Great post. And when you do log in for the first time with that shiny new viewer, go to one of the Linden Protected water sims, like aich or Moses. These generally have no scripts of their own to load, and only a water and ground texture. Very low lag. They're great places to get your inventory to load up quickly.

Hitomi Tiponi said...

That is a really good tip from Mister Acacia.

Another tip is always load a new version of the viewer to a new directory - and download new versions yourself to a new directory rather than using autoupdate. I download at least one viewer version a day (I download a daily dev version at least) and have never had any registry problems - partly because SL seems to do very little with the registry once it has set itself up.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there / thanks for your comments

JayR :_)