Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sometimes a little wrong is just right

by Cummere Mayo

I was hospitalized overnight last night because I collapsed on the Job. I came home to find out that someone was playing at continuing a drama that I had long hoped would just die down. This drama played out in at least two groups while I was gone, one of which I own, the other a good friend owns.

One of my mods is tasked with all issues dealing with this kind of drama. Unfortunately, he did feed the troll at first till he realized what was going on.
But then he cracked down, ejected the *****, (and the other group's owner ejected as well,) and as an extra sweet thing, first reported it to SL, but also having reached a limit that he seldom reaches, decided to really pull an asshole move.

He is the kind that will totally defend those he cares about. I and the other group's owner are two of those people. Another person hurt by this drama I asked him to treat same as me. With that many people he defends hurt or potentially hurt by this person's actions he decided to fuck them over.

He has contacts with a vigilantes in SL. Not the kind that grief sims or anything but the kind that love to mindfuck with people that are total dicks by messing with them specifically and surgically and in creative ways that are just within the TOS.

I should be admonishing him, but on the other hand having someone that is a drama maker that has fucked me and so many others over just feels too good.

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