Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Blog ? "Or Keep The Same One ?" "A Political Blog~or~A~SL Blog"

By Avatar Jay R Cela

    I'm at a crossroad here. I've just about had it with SL and the Viewer2 insanity. Just give me back the old Phoenix Viewer.

    I do not want or will ever use any of the new crap that, supposedly V2 is able to provide.

    I don't need or want it.

    And I am fed up with people on my friend's list that never contact me, or do not have the common courtesy to answer my IM message's.

     The RL World is completely controlled by THE INDUSTRIAL MILITARY WAR MACHINE.

     A RIGHT WING MEDIA, Constantly Spewing Out Lie After Lie.

     The rich, get richer, the poor get poorer.

     Lett's look at a few very stark realities, the US spends billion's upon billions of taxpayer dollar's every month  to kill people. Plain and simple, you can not deny this fact.

     So here is the question ?
Do I shut down this blog, and stop reviewing SL, and this disastrous / horrible excuse for a hopelessly broken user interface that is called Viewer 2.

    Or should I continue to review, and start a separate blog, dealing with left wing, progressive political issue's, or combine the 2 of them ?

     Either Way, ya ain't gonna shut me up !!!!!

Am I Insane ?

 I guess that depend's on your definition of insanity.

JayR Cela :(


Tom said...

Hey you - just saw you inworld but hadn't seen this post yet - whatever you do, stay in touch!

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Tom

Will do !


JayR :_)