Friday, August 12, 2011

SecondLife "Viewer3 errrrrr... Development Viewer" "LL Throw's UI Design Responsibility To TPV's"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok, it should be rather obvious by now to anyone following the current state of Viewer Development. The Lab is clearly not concerned with User Interface Design issue's. There are defiantly improvement's, albeit very small one's here and there.

    A much improved initial Log In Page is one of them. This was truly a stroke of genius on someone's part.


    And Better FPS performance is another. I'm getting an easy 20 Frames Per Second, where most viewers only can squeak out 10 or 12 on my aging hardware. Sadly however, we ( YOU ) are still stuck with this horrible User Interface Design


     Why is this ? Well The Lab is scrambling to retain their much deserved lead in the Virtual World game race, and the only chance they have is to entice new potential customer's on a steady basis. Ya gotta give credit where credit is due. These 2 change's alone definatly make the user experience better.

    But is it enough to retain them once they choose to give SL a try ? Personally I don't believe so. It's time for the bullheaded SnowStorm Team Leader(s) to admit they are so far behind other forward thinking Third Party Developer's as Phoenix FireStorm, Kirsten, and Hitomi Tiponi's Starlight Skin Mod's, that Rod Humble need's to finally put his foot down and say enough is enough. We have essentially tweaked the Viewer code as much as possible. The LL Server Team continues o kick ass, so what's the problem ?

    I'll tell ya what the problem is ! The problem is Team Leadership on the Viewer Development side to actually admit that SL Viewer2 (3) has a poorly designed UI, and start to embrace the Open Source Communities contributions for what they are, Superior !!

JayR Cela :(


Hitomi Tiponi said...

Rod has said that after mesh (and a couple of other nice surprises) they will be concentrating on bug fixing and GUI improvements. Not sure if I should be pleased or worried about the latter. :)

JayR Cela said...

Well the GUI has got to be shown the trash can

JayR :(

Anonymous said...

i tried this v2 v3 viewer for 3 months, its completely clumsy at best. These guys need to realize who keeps the freaking lights on at Linden Labs. If they had any guts they would run a month long vote at Help Island.

Also hosting the game in Dallas with no Intrusion Prevention is killing their performance.

WAKE UP!!!!!!! LL

The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)