Tuesday, August 23, 2011

SpotOn3D's "Virtual World From Within Your Browser "THE REAL STORY" "HogWash !!"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    A number of moths back, I did a review on the SpotOn3D Open Sim based Virtual World Grid, simply because the Phoenix Viewer team had tweaked a custom version of their viewer specifically for SpotOn3D.

    At that time I was underwhelmed, to say the least. For one thing the registration process was a total pain in ass. Number two the place was barren of people, or things to do. That was month's ago, and things have changed a bit as far as new content is concerned.

    Recently SpotOn has filed for a number of patent's with regard's to having any Virtual World Viewer, that attempt's to create a web based access point to their own Grid's, and seem to be demanding licencing fee's for said technology ! Well this is total arrogance, and greed at it's greatest, these folks will probabaly end up running themselves right out of business before any patent is granted. Patent's generally take 3 or more years to either be granted or rejected for one thing, for another, when you look at what a piece of crap this is. I think you will easily see why.

    So before I actually get down to the nitty gritty and if you are unfamiliar with recent rumbling's within the Open Source Community, I suggest you read these two article's from Hyper Grid Business, and observe my  picture's and opinion's as well.

"Controversy Erupts Over SpotOn3D's Patent Claims"

"SpotOn3D Leaves Question's Unanswered"

    Ok I decided to use the FireFox Browser for this demonstration. Number 1 you will need to install a Plug In.


                         Which by the way took about 7 minutes to download ind install for me.
    Once you have done that, yes you can truly open your browser and simply type in Spoton3d.com in the address bar. www.spoton3d.com


       Ok we managed to get this far, let's try logging in.


     Darn !!!! Now What ? Oh Yeah I forgot, you will need two separate password's in order to log into the So-Call Virtual World on a Web Page.

     For Crying Out Loud !!! It's one huge giant Advertising Scheme. So as I switched to an alternate screen I notice that there is a SpotOn3D Icon on my desk top, let's click on that and see what happens.

    Oh my, I need to log in again with my secondary password now.

     Boy oh Boy, I thought the SL Viewer2 (3) Side Bar was bad, this one is not even functional, besides being more advertising. Oh well, lets see how I'm doing on my So Called Virtual World on a Web Page window is working.

     LOL, I've been Logged Out, UNBELIEVABLE !
But I'm not done yet, He-He :_) Let's try again, but this time I will try re-sizing the window's after opening a few new tabs.

       Hmmm you can not re-size the Supposed Embed Virtual World Browser Client, with-in the main advertisement page, I can however switch tab's and browse other Web Pages, and come back to SpotOn and look at it's minuscule screen.

     I can spend quite a bit of time manually re-sizing the browser window so all it shows is SpotOn, but that does not do me much good when I switch to another open tab. But I can open another browser instance and overlay SpotOn on top.


      In this case it just so happens to be over laid on top of Google Chrome. Hey can't I all ready do pretty much just that with any Stand Alone Virtual World Viewer, and any Web Browser ?

     If you haven't taken the time to read both article's linked at the beginning of this post.

     Please I encourage you to do so now.

JayR Cela

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