Thursday, September 1, 2011

Create Your Own Video Games "Unity 3.4" "Game Creation Made Easy"

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Hi there, this is a little off the beaten path for me, and this Blog. But never the less, I thought their might be some reader's this would appeal too. You may have heard or read about a company called Unity3D. They are heavily involved in the online Gaming Industry, and Virtual Worlds in your Browser community. Along with that, is a wonderful Game Creation Tool they offer for free to developer's and casual user's pondering the idea of breaking into the lucrative video game market ( Hand Held Communication Devices Included ) "Unity 3.4" is a free download. 

    The system requirement's are quite reasonable actually. Win XP SP2 or greater, Mac OS X 10.6 or later, and the Android platform plus a few extra's. Java JDK, OpenGL support on your Video Card, and Flash. So yes before you ask, there is no support for I-Phone, or I-Pad ( neither one support's Flash )

    The basic system is free, and the licencing agreement is quite liberal. So how do they make any money from you the developer ? Well they have what is called an Asset Store, this is a place where you can purchase additional plugin's to enhance your creativity. Now here is the twist, not only are there add on's available from the company itself, Unity3D also allows developer's to sell their own Plug In's. And if you look through the various categories, there are plenty of Free-Bee's too. You can also rely on Unity3D to help you with licencing your creation for sale on the open market.

    This is pretty much a wysiwyg development platform, with an extremely large user community, ranging from novice to the professional. A ton of tutorials and several modifiable example games.

      With lot's of Drag and Drop capabilities, most everything is quite modular, along with extensive scripting capabilities for those so inclined. And the ability to import your own creations in various graphics formats. Blender come's to mind if you want to stay completely free as you experiment.

    So if you have the Patience, Time and Desire to Create Your Own Video Games, FREE Is A Good Thing. And Unity 3.4 is defiantly worth taking a look into. You can Download your copy at..

JayR Cela :_)

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