Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Entropia Universe Virtual World

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Oh well, not much exciting happening in SecondLife right now, or at least until all the TPV's get MESH working. And I absolutely refuse to review the official LL SL viewer until the next stable version's release, and I can work with The StarLight Skin Mod again. So out of sheer boredom I decided to give Entropia Universe a try.

    The last time I was here if I remember correctly, was in 2006. Apparently quite a bit has changed, for one thing, you can figure on taking about and hour or more to complete the account setup and basic installation.

    If you want the full experience, you can expect about 8 hours, and will need a fairly hefty amount of free available disk space.


      For those of you unfamiliar with Entropia, it is a Futuristic Space Based, Planetary System's Adventure Virtual Reality World.  As with most On-Line Games these days it is a free download, and Windows based only. I could not find a minimum requirement spec page on their web site, but I would imagine most realitvly current computers should be capable of running it.

     Here are a few teaser shot's from the web sites gallery to take a look at.

     Oh well, It's getting late for me in RL, I'll be back tomorrow with a follow up.
     If you would care to check it out for yourself, the main web page address is,
JayR Cela :_)


Laura Aastha Bondi said...

Of course my friend JayR has the rare ability to start every single post in a disappointing way.
I think Phoenix people will wait forever for mesh in that old viewer. Firestorm probably will have them sooner or later and in the meanwhile LL viewers will add another ton of new cool features and firestorm as usual will be ten months behind the latest version.
I see JayR likes to write fantasy novels because she continue to write that LL viewer is not stable while it is surely more stable than Firestorm and other TPV viewers. I was working on the latest developing version 3.0.3 and it was really the fastest and more stable viewer ever seen. But I like to see how much people lives in a world of fables and illusions. Continue to believe your viewers are the best, in the meanwhile us using SL3 and Kirstensviewer will enjoy our world with all the features.
You choosed to live in the past, it is your own choice.
But at least be honest.
Entropia Universe is cool but it is a game. Have you aver tried to build there? I did and it is very hard.
However it uses mesh. And it doesn't allow TPV. Wondering why.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Laura

You definatly are good for a laugh from time to time.

In case you havn't noticed, I have never stated once,
that V2 or now V3 is unstable. I have however stated
over and over again that it has a poorly designed
User Iinterface.

Now perhaps you can answer this question, since all
the TPV's are based on LL code, what is the difference
between them ? If you answered the User Interface, you
are are right, and win a prize for the first correct
statement you have made so far.

Ok next question. I have invited you several time's to
write your own post here on this Blog.
Why have you not accepted my offer ?

You are on the list of contributing author's. So by all
mean's I would imagine there are a number of reader's
that would be interested in hearing about all these
wonderful new feature's that V3 has to offer that you
are taliking about.Why have you not accepted my offer ?

But personally I doubt if any one care's. Here is a fact
Laura. Since July 31 2010 this blog has had 70,000 readers,
out of all the post's written so far, how many people
have read about V2 or V3 ? Vs. Phoenix or FireStorm ?

V2 and V3 are in the low hundred's FireStorm clock's in
at over 11,700 +

Now what does that tell you The readers of this Blog are
interested in reading about ? If you answered Phoenix FireStorm
you are correct again and win another prize.

The Phoenix Viewer come's in 2nd at about 2700, next is Singularity
at 1100, followed bt Ascent at 600, Dolphin at 400. Then
Viewer 2-3 at around 350 TOTAL and Kirsten's is ever lower.

Now as far as Entropia Universe is concearned, I supposed you
miss the last part of the post mentioning that I have
not even had a chance to log into or create an Avatar there yet.

Oh and By the Way, The Name of this
Blog and underlying description is
Virtual World Technology, that covers a fairly large subject