Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SecondLife : The Direct Delivery Project Viewer3 : New Version Out Today

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Hmmm, this could be just what a large number of SL content creators have been waiting for, or make others regret the fact that they are even bothering to pay tier, or rent land in SL. The newest version of this supposedly enhanced version of Viewer3 was just made available for download today.

    My memory is not all that good with recalling the numerous change's that have befallen the ability to place items that you have created up for sale via a web based user page. But my past experience tell's me that this one will be equally as controversial.

    I am however willing to give it a try. I have several SL based homes that I have designed over the years, all neatly packed up in box's just waiting to be resurrected. The past problem has always been, where and the hell do I put these things so people can see them.

    Trying to work through the various difficulty levels of the SLMarketplace, XStreetSL, or what ever the heck it was called in years past. ( It has changed so many times ) I just eventually gave up.

     But is Linden Lab stabbing themselves in the foot ?

JayR Cela

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