Friday, January 27, 2012

SecondLife : Project SnowStorm

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Wow it has been what seems like ages since I actually downloaded and used an official LL version of the SL viewer, today is not much different because I will be using the latest SnowStorm release. V3.2.8.248331 so this is not really a standard download.

     However I did want to take a look at it solely for the purpose of seeing what has been going on lately at the Lab.

    Recently a number of changes have gone into the UI of SL V3

      Here is the screen layout, my god I find it absolutely hilarious that some people on the Development team just cant seem to let go of the Side Bar design theme. Instead of on the right hand side of the screen it is now on the left.

      But that is not a problem due to the new FUI, Flexiable User Interface design, or whatever the Lab is calling it. ( I am so far out of the loop these days ) Keep in mind the main purpose of this blog is Third Party Developers ( TPV's ) and their contributions to the future development of  of Virtual Worlds in general.

     As you can see, I have cleared the UI of all the clutter, and will start from scratch. This really is an excellent idea from the Lab's Dev's. You can do just about what ever you like with customizing your user experience. So in these pictures I have cleared all the UI buttons and will rebuild by placeing them where I see fit.



     Ok I have what I want, where I want.

    Now I can choose and Icon only or Icon and description view. I love this :_)

    Job well done, I think the Lab may actually finally be catching on.

Nawwwww !!

JayR Cela :_)

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