Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SecondLife : Linux Users : Artvi SL Client : By Migueal Liamano : Tarnix

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ya know I am so sick and tired with MS Windows crap, I have pretty much switched over to Linux full time. I f you are a fellow Linux person and are looking for a very cool SL client / then look no furthere than the Artvi SL browser, much if not all of it is based on the NiranV SL client. So this is one very advanced puppy.

     It might take you a day or two in order to figure out all of the advanced feature's but it's worth it !

    This is one Kick Ass SL Viewer ! and is now available for Windows as well !

    By :  (Miguael Liamano/Tarnix) and Niranv Dean

     Well the NiranV version has been available for quite some time now, it's very advanced, and push's the SL engine to the max. I cant keep up with it until I can afford to buy a new computer :(

    This is where the Tarnax Viewer comes into play, typically a Linux based box will run much more efficiently than a Windows machine. I have about 95% of the Windows based NiranV client and twice the FPS speed that Linux provides. If your running Linux, you owe it to yourself to DL this !

    It's a total win-win situation

JayR Cela

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