Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Real Life : How To Repair A Corrupted USB Flash Stick

By Avatar JayR Cela

    This may seem a little off subject for this Blog to be covering, but I am going to do so none the less. I think just about every one has a USB thumb sick storage device these day's, I know I have one that I routinely use on a regular basis to easily store temporary files for various reasons. Sometimes the storage device can become corrupted, and will become unusable, or a lack of any viable format, in other words the thumb storage unit will list the format type as RAW instead of  FAT32.

    Your first thought may be to just toss it into the trash and purchase a new one ( they certainly are cheap enough these days ) however it is easy enough to fix yourself. Sadly you will loose any data previously placed onto it, but what the hell the data is gone already anyway's.

     The goal here is to save yourself the $10 or $12 to purchase a new one. The following instruction's are general, and should apply to any version of Windows from XP up.

    Open the Control Panel :: Administrative Tools :: Computer Management :: Storage :: Disk Management
( be aware you will be looking on the left and right panels during the procedure ) at this point you should see something like this.


     The USB stick will be listed and appear as un-formatted ( RAW ) right click on it and choose format. If you are given a choice of which format type to use, please be aware all USB thumb sticks default to a FAT32 configuration, in other words if you are presented with several options, such as FAT or NTFS, don't use anything other than FAT32.

    Bingo you just saved yourself an unnecessary trip to the local electronics store, and a few extra $

JayR Cela :_)

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