Sunday, September 2, 2012

SecondLife : EXODUS Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Let me just start off with, this is a keeper, I really like the way the Exodus Preferences work, it's a very logical setup, quite easy to follow.



    You can log into 22 diferent SL grids, however there is no grid manager to easily allow exploration of any Open Sim based Virtual Worlds. The Web Page  list several things of interest.

Visual C++ 2010 runtime now included as part of installer.

Visual presets and raid advisor lists format have been changed to be more conformant with LLSD, with backwards compatability, but due to this change new presets/lists will not work with older versions of the viewer.

Fixes include

    • AMD and nVidia black/white screen issues on some configurations.
    • GMA 945 and GMA 950 crashed while starting the viewer.
    • The nearby panel now actually updates sorts automatically.
    • Overflow of L$ in the Japanese version.
    • EV-62: Webkit on Linux doesn’t work.

    My only real complaint's are the dam Camera Control is way to big and not re-size-able, and the Inventory is strictly stock LL. "oh well :(   Also having the Visual C++ runtime  included during installation is very cool. I recently ran into a problem with a FireStorm install that required version VC++ 2005 as a separate download on a newly  setup Win XP system. So I'm glad to see this feature included with the Exodus Viewer.

    I like the built in Help that includes a unique Minimal Statistics read out display, and a direct link to the viewers homepage, a support chat room and a Exodus specific Support Forum.

    All in all this is a well done branch from the stock LL version of the SL viewer.

JayR Cela :_)

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