Thursday, November 1, 2012

FireStorm Viewer For Virtual Worlds : Sneak Peak's ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Oh I wish I could tell you about all of the new built in features to the upcoming FireStorm Virtual World Viewer, believe me, It will be the most well rounded one in the bunch.

     The release date ? I can not say, since the Lab decided to implement this ill conceived CHUI interface as a problem solver to the hopelessly and continually broken Group Chat mess. I suppose FS will be having to integrate this piece of shit into their code.

     I can tell ya this much though, LL needs to fire everyone involved in the SnowStorm Project, and the BETA Department.

     Will I get banned for my out spoken comment's here ?

     Screw em, I don't really give a rat's ass

JayR Cela

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

I think it will be a while before the CHUI reaches the official viewer - it has a number of technical and design flaws, as well as some very good features.

Also there is no guarantee it will reach the official viewer - remember the Simple Inventory?