Wednesday, November 28, 2012

SecondLife : Windows 8 ~or~ 7 ?

by Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok ya can love me or hate me, it does not really make much difference to me, but Windows 8 in my personal opinion will go the same way as Win ME & Vista.

    Now don't get me wrong, I can understand M$ logic behind this recent marketing ploy, make everything M$ based look and work the same, but lets get real here, #1 SL will never run on a cell phone #2 maybe on a tablet, ( SomeDay ) The M$ Surface : give me a break / that thing is a disposable piece of trash. The graphics subsystem is a joke, at best.

   I have been using Windows since Version 2, and believe me it really was a trip, total garbage. When 3.0 came out it was still a piece of trash, sucked ( Big Time ) 3.1 was a huge improvement and was still able to  run DOS based games in native mode. Windows 95 was hooo-humm, who cares, Win 98 was pretty cool, then low and behold Windows 98SE came out, now that was really bad ass, and I was really happy until I was duped into purchasing a copy of Windows ME, I skipped Win 2000 The last of the really great version's from that era.

     Then came XP, at first it really sucked, and looked like something from a Play School Coloring Book, after 3 service pack's it has managed to last 12 years. Then we were presented with Windows Vista.

      OK No One Really Wants To Talk About That BOMB.

     Windows 7 popped up about 3 years ago 2009 I believe, and after the first service pack it really rocked and still does. Now we have this , who knows what the F&^% it is,  Windows 8 is what Steve Balmer of MS call's it, I call it a piece of garbage, that should be thrown out with the trash.

    I have used SL successfully on Win 8 Consumer Preview and the Win 8 Developer release, but only after I managed to dig my way through the labyrinth of odd-ball settings, and figured out how to turn all the unnecessary crap off, like the Aero Glass screen animation's, and those ludicrous tile's.

    I'm telling ya right now Windows 8 will be short lived, Windows 9 is already in a pace of rapid development  and will be released within 2 years.

    Windows 8 is like an Etch-a-Sketch for Idiot's.

    If you are planning on purchasing a new computer this holiday season, and intend to use it for SecondLife or other Virtual Worlds or Games, Stick with Windows 7 or ask for what is referred to as a downgrade, and what ever ya do, make sure that you get a copy of the Original Disk, way to many computer manufactures do not supply you with the RTM Windows disk.

Just my Opinion : But Windows 8 is a total piece of Shit !!!!! and if you are a SL or Virtual World user it should be avoided at all cost's : at least until the first service pack comes out.

    Actually I would just wait until Windows 9 is released : my inside ears say late 2014

JayR Cela

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