Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Virtual Worlds : Media On A Prim : Comes To Viewer 1.x : Thanks To Henry Beauchamp & The Cool Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ever since Viewer2 was released the major excuse has always been, " Well we could not do all the neat new stuff we want to with the existing V1.x code base "

    Time and time again Henri Beauchamp of  " The Cool Viewer " fame, has proven LL to be wrong ! He has managed to back-port most every V3 feature into the V1.x code base as possible.

    Currently the MOAP feature is only available in the Experimental release V1.26.5, but should be available in the next stable release-or-too very soon.

    Here is an outtake from my recent conversation with him.

"  [2012/11/24 17:37] Henri Beauchamp:
 (Saved Sat Nov 24 09:01:45 2012)
[01:28] JayR Cela: hey there Henri :_)
[01:28] Henri Beauchamp: Hello
[01:32] JayR Cela: hey I see you got media on a prim backported recently / kool
[01:33] Henri Beauchamp: Yes, like I told you a few months ago, it was bound to come sooner and later. Since every other high priority backport was done, I gave it some attention.
[01:35] JayR Cela: yes / I have not been able to pay much attention to my blog or others lately due to health issues / but from what I was reading on your blog that should be in the next stable release ?
[01:37] Henri Beauchamp: Yes, probably next week. The time for me to confirm that everything works fine and that no new bug was introduced by the backport. It's just a matter of "flipping a switch" (a define in the cmake files) to get it compiled in the release version.
[01:40] JayR Cela: I tried the unstable version on OS Grid the other day / :(
[01:42] JayR Cela: that ws on Mint Linux Maya (13) with thier backports from Mint 14
[01:43] JayR Cela: have not had a chance to try it in SL yet / figured I would wait until this coming week and the stable release
[01:46] Henri Beauchamp: v1.26.5 is not "unstable", it is just "experimental" (meaning some experimental code was added, such as mesh deformer, new (and still buggy) HTTP  code,  and now MOAP): as long as you don't enable the experimental code and since the v3.4 renderer has now been debugged, it's just as stable as v1.26.4. It's going to become v1.26.6 (new "stable" branch) pretty soon.
[01:47] JayR Cela: kool / ya mind if i do a blog post about your progress so far ?
[01:48] Henri Beauchamp: Feel free
[01:48] JayR Cela: ok I will / thanks _) "

     So keep your eyes peeled here, I will definitely, be giving this viewer a complete review very soon.
Henri's blog is located here. 

JayR Cela :_)

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