Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SecondLife : Installing a new viewer !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    If you are on a Mac or Linux box, no problems, if you are on a Window's Machine you have to deal with the wretched and ill conceived Registry.

    Now depending on who you talk to the Windows registry is a blessing or a curse, I tend to find the later to be the truth. The Windows registry is a complete disaster just waiting to happen Especially when it comes to installing and removing certain programs, it always leaves traces behind that should have been removed during the un-installation process.

    So what happens ? Your HD becomes a total mess, with invalid registry entries scattered about in a haphazardness mish mash of junk, thus gradually slowing you computer to a crawl.

     I use Windows's 7 because I have too, I use Linux Mint because I like too, I do not use Mac because I can not afford it.

    My Opinion is, if you can afford the extra HD space, install Linux Mint, it based on UBUNTU and DEBIAN, its rock solid, never breaks, but will not run QuickTime on your SL based Treet TV, this may change sometime in the near future as LL is considering dumping QuickTime, and hopefully moving to HTML5 as the main video format. 

    So when you decide to install a new SL viewer, what should you do ?
     If you are on a Windows box, dam ya gotta remove all traces of the previous viewer, and this is a total pain in the ASS!!! Believe me you literary have to do a hunt , search, find, kill and destroy all traces of SL, if you do not do this you are totally screwed ! Maybe not at first, but believe me, if you do not follow a proper procedure, your fucked !   Plain and Simple ! And it is the dammed Windows Registry that is to blame for this problem.!

JayR Cela

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