Monday, June 24, 2013

SecondLife : Throw Enough Crap Against The Wall... Eventually Something Will Stick ~ "SecondLife the Platform is a Stepping Stone towards the future."

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I think the tittle of this post pretty much sum's it up, I do it all the time in the audio mixing business. Try as many things as possible, and hopefully something good will happen.

    I don't spend much time is SL any longer, I have more than enough projects in RL to juggle around, so for me SecondLife is a Huge Idea Sandbox. Someplace to use, not live in.

    I consider myself to be an observer of LL's recent escapades, 4 current server versions constantly being upgraded, numerous in house viewer project's, then you include the TPV's and Whooo-Boyyyy! The makings for a perfect MESS ! It's almost comical, but an unfortunate necessary evolution of the platform.

   SL the platform, recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and it's still here ! That in it'self is an amazing accomplishment, and a lot of thanks from the people that use SL as a Multi-Tool  Sand Box should be grateful.

    I know I am.

    Phillip Rosedale the creator of Sl is moving onward's and upward's, sometimes I think he may have just forgotten about SL, after all it was, and still is an amazing achievement. He has a new project in the works, something called code name "High Fidelity", that will continue and further his working goals towards creating the ultimate Virtual World Environment.

    If you think back to the SETI project that allowed people to lend unused idle CPU cycles while connected to the Internet in order to search out intelligent life within our galaxy, and how groundbreaking of an idea that was. Phillip is currently working towards a similar solution, incorporating upwards of million's of unused idle CPU cycle's all collected and donated towards the creation of a entirely new and improved Virtual Reality Environment.

    The idea and concept are sound, this is an achievable goal !

    How long is it going to take ?

    Who the hell knows, the thing that amazes me is the fact that LindenLab is still here and kicking, SecondLife the Platform is a Stepping Stone towards the future.

    The Resident's of this Virtual World are all part of a huge experiment.

    I think that's pretty KOOL !

JayR Cela :_)


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