Friday, August 2, 2013

SecondLife : Working On Content Creation Projects Using Linux : It Don't Get No Cheaper Than This :_)

By Avatar JayR Cela

    The past month or so I have been very wrapped up in a new project, attempting to spin my own version of a SecondLife / OpenSim Linux Based Content Creation Mini Studio Distro. Plug in a USB Thumb Drive and Boot.

    After tons of hair pulling and lots of Goggling about, I believe I am getting close, LOL, well at least closer than I was a month ago.

    Actually I have been working on and off with this idea for about a year now. The concept is to create an .ISO file you can place onto a thumb drive, minimum of 8GB, using Mint Linux 15, ( 16 ) as the base, boot directly off the TD and either use as is, install it to onto your system as a dual boot, or integrate it into your current Windows environment, using  WUBI  I am planing on all the menu's and panels displaying only the tools necessary in order to create content for various virtual world environments. That's it ! / Nothing More Nothing Less !  Currently I am getting closer to my goal, but I figure December this year at the earliest before I will be ready for an initial release.

    Since just about 99.5% of everything Linux is Open Source, the cost for someone interested in this sort of a Work Station set up should be very low if not Zero $$.

    I will have some picture's and details posted on this blog as the project progress's. I hope that you will find it as interesting as I do.

JayR Cela _)


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