Saturday, August 3, 2013

VirtualWorld's : My Linux Based Machinima~Content Creation Studio On A USB Stick Project V1.0a

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well I'm back again with blabbering away about my newest project. Witch I have decided to name CinnaMint Studio-LX, I still don't have any screen shots as of yet, but I can describe what I am doing so far.

     I'm starting off with Mint Linux 15 Cinnamon DeskTop UI 1.8.8 as the base, and added the Mate 1.6  and LXDE  as alternative UI environments. From there I have included the KDE, XFCE, Lubuntu, Gnome 3, and Unity base run-time Libs into the mix as well. Replaced the standard kernel with Linux-Lowlatency ( there is a RT ((real-time)) kernel available, currently is a no-go, to many problems with hardware issues ) I have also removed MDM the Mint Desktop Manager and replaced it with GDM the Gnome Desktop Manager. The reason being that MDM is full of BUG's dealing with the Nouveau  X11 generic Nvidia graphic's driver. It's not worth dealing with trying to solve the problem in MDM, so for now GDM works just fine.

    Current included standard apps are, Take Screenshot, Kazam, RecordMyDesktop, Record It Now, Sound Recorder, OpenShot, KdenLive, Ardour, RoseGarden, LMMS, XFCE4-Mixer, Sound Converter, VLC, Blender and Gimp.

   I'm still struggling with trying to sync all 3 User Interfaces with one in other, in order to smooth things out I will be using NEMO the Cinnamon File Manager across all 3 UI's.

    There are a number of other things I hope to be including soon. At this point in time I just want to get the basic stuff working and have all 3 UI's looking and behaving pretty much the same as one in other. So you should be able to easily switch between Cinnamon, Mate or LXDE without to much fuss.

    Once I feel that part has been accomplished I plan on releasing an ALPHA, hopefully on Source Forge, I know I said an initial release would not come until December, and I'm holding to that, but I have no problem floating the Alpha's around and hopefully attract some interest and help from like minded Open Source folk's.

    Stand By for some screen shot's within the next few days.

JayR Cela :_)

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