Monday, March 3, 2014

SecondLife & Virtual World People Running Windows XP : Impending Attack Of The Bot's Loom's : Please Do Something Now !!

By Avatar Jay R Cela

     Ok this is not getting funny now, if yo are running a computer with Windows XP, it is not just about you, and or your personal security.

    You need to Up-Grade or Migrate to  another O.S. / It's plain and simple, just do it !!

    If you do not take the necessary steps now, you are in effect going to unwittingly contribute to a possible onslaught of - BOT~or~ Worse  Attacks on possibly millions of people !! Thus turning your computer into a compromised slave machine every-time you turn it on !! "This is serious stuff"

    I am not joking around here !!!! You Need To Ditch WinXP  before the mid April 2014 cut off date.  I don't really remember, right off of the top of my head / LOL :_)

    But how about this ? Ubuntu 14.04 should be ready right about the same time, damn near practically the same day, and Mint Linux just released their Rolling Debian RC with Mate or Cinnamon recently. These have both got to be the the most easygoing and thoroughly enjoyable Operating Installations I have ever had the pleasure of running across.

    Ya need to either change or un-plug :(

JayR Cela :_)


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