Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Virtual Worlds : Walled or Closed Garden Grids Are Not The Answer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    In the ever expanding world of Virtual Reality environment's, closed or walled off gardens such as InWorldz or SecondLife are not the answer to a question often asked. What grid do I choose to log into or create an account in ?

    It's a good question, you can do whatever you like, after all it is your virtual life. Will you risk entrusting it to a third party ? I would imagine that depends upon your own personal beliefs, and how trusting of an individual you are.

   Last years announcement by Linden Lab, owners of the popular Virtual Reality world SecondLife threw everyone for a loop when the company unannounced and unexpectedly changed their Terms of Service agreement, forcing you to sign it with out the ability to read it beforehand ( at least in my case I was unable to even log into the official web site before I agreed to their underhanded tactics )

    Since most folks, ( myself included )  don't usually bother to read the majority of TOS statements, many of us woke up days later only to find all of our Virtual World Intellectual Property right's had been stripped to the bone, outright stolen from beneath our virtual feet. Approximately 1 year afterwards the newly appointed CEO of LL announced that SecondLife version 1 was to be shuttered in order to make way for SecondLife 2, adding further insult to injury, it was also made known that none of the massive amounts of Virtual World goods would be transferable into this wonderful new VW.

    Hey but that's OK, just start from scratch again, send us more of your money to flutter away on more hollow ground so we can screw ya another time.

NOT !! 

JayR Cela

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