Friday, June 23, 2017

OpenSim Power Boat Association : Groundbreaking - Day 2 Progress Report

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I am on Day 2 of building the OSPBA Headquarters, the layout consists of 4 standard sized sims arranged in a T-configuration, 3 across and 1 in the center bottom of the T, as you can see from the picture my MadCat series of Full Perm Hydro's consists of  8 meter  12 meter and  20 meter configurations.  This will allow for a short, medium and long run races using all 3 water sims for the 20 meter class. The association's headquarters is located at the bottom of the T and is mostly empty. The 3 water sims are pretty much barren aside from the still to be installed buoys marking off the oval shaped course's. The race course itself is  set to auto return, just in case you crash your boat, it will be returned to your inventory's Lost and Found folder.

    There is plenty of dock space and an ample spectator area. With the proper draw distance setting in your viewer ( about 360 meters ) there will be no bad viewing seat on the Island.

    The headquarter's itself is currently being decorated with a number of pictures of various types of Hydroplanes and hopefully some other related materials.

    Unfortunately we have not settled on a landing point for the Sim yet, so I can not give you a working SLUR to HyperGrid Jump to quite yet, that will be coming very soon, however if you are curious and would like to take a sneak peek and grab yourself some copies of my MadCat free-bee hydro's, it's easy enough to find.

    HyperGrid jump to our Welcome Area at :
Upon arrival open your World Map and do a search for ChibaSea1 and set the coordinates to 202,160,24
this will drop you at the entrance to the OSPBA headquarters, go on inside inside and grab your self a Boxed copy of one ar all 3 of the free-bee MatCat hydroplanes, there are two ReadMe files in the box, please read them. We are running OpenSim 0.9 RC2 with Bullet Physics so sim border crossings are pretty much seamless, but I have to stress this 1 point, if you are wearing a Animation Overrider ( AO )  you must detach it ! Simply turning it off, will not work and cause the boat to stall, similarly if you are using your OS Viewers built in AO, you must turn that off before attempting to drive the boat.

    Hope to see ya soon.

JayR Cela :_)

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