Friday, June 30, 2017

OSPBA : OpenSim Power Boat Association : Things are happening Fast : And We Need Some Help w/ubODE

By Avatar JayR Cela

     The past week has been a real trip, stuff is starting to take hold, currently on TheKazGrid the new headquarters building and docking area is finished. I am planning a staging area that will allow various parties interested to have a display area to meet with potential customers interested in purchasing a Closed Source solution  Hydroplane.  Now I am a big time Open Source everything type of Linux nut-job, so you know this goes against my grain in every way. But WTF / LOL !
I have seen some really KILLER ! No Mod, No Trans Hydros recently, everyone is welcome.

      Now here's the catch, I am in desperate need of some ubODE Physics Engine guru's expertise help with Standard 256x256 Sim Border Crossing issues on the KazGrid / I give you the HyperGrid jump

     I have the MadCat 1 Hydro with ubODE , and a JetSki and a Modern Hydroplane rezzed that are Full Perm, if you get some extra time, feel free to stop by. Kazuko and I seem to have narrowed a few things down that may be causing the stalling issue at Sim Borders, and we are seeking other opinions and advice.

    I am not going to debate the pro's and or cons of using standard sized sims and border crossing's. I have already made arrangements with 2 other grids to open OSPBA Headquarter operations on Grids using Var Sims. The simple fact is that after Kazuko and I have examined several variations of the limited amount of unODE water based vehicle physics scripts. we have both come to the conclusion that the scripts need some Tender Loving Care and a good bit of Fine Tuning. That being said if you are not busy and would like to lend a hand / Thats Kool :_)

     I will be opening a new OSPBA Headquarters Branch 2 next week on another Grid
( undisclosed at this time ) an 8x8 with ubUDE  running the boats with a number of unusual race course layouts. This place you will have to experience on your own, I can not describe it in any terms besides it is like playing a really good video game. The Physics are bizarre yet at the same time realistic.

     Next up on my list is that I am in negotiations with 3rdGrid for an OSPBA sponsored location on their new 8x8 Sim running Bullet Physics. As a mater of fact I will be having an un-official OSPBA test run on 3rdGrid Saturday 7-1-2017 from 12:00pm Pst until 2:00pm here is the HG jump address   Ocean

JayR Cela :_)

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