Saturday, July 31, 2010

Installing LL Viewer2 first things first

Welcome Back reader's
Today I will be describing how I have my test bed rig setup for these reviews. This particular machine has 2 hard drives, hda & hdb. / hda is a 160 gig Seagate consisting of Drives C:\ - D:\ - E:\
hdb is a 60 gig Maxtor used by the Linux distribution.
C:\ is a 4.8 gig boot loader and Windows Swap file partition, D:\ is a 10 gig partition used solely to handle the various Veiwer2 Cache files *note* it is very important to make individual cache files for each version of the viewer both Windows and Linux that I will be installing ! I can not stress the importance of this enough, mixing your cache files from one viewer to another can result in some very odd and undesirable side effect's. Therefore I have come to learn, never accept the default installation. E:\ will hold my V2 program files for Windows. On the D:\ drive I have created d:\SLStandardV2CacheWindows & d:\SLStandardV2CacheUbuntu
I have removed all previous installations of SL, ran 2 separate registry cleaners ( Glary Utilities free version and IoBit Software Advanced System Care free version ) my next step was to defrag my Windows program files E:\ drive using IoBits Smart Defrag
Windows Installation:
Step#1 Install E:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer2
Step#2 Start Viewer2 Click on the Me button and select Preferences / click on the Setup button
Browse to D:\SLStandardV2CacheWindows / click on Close button / select OK and restart V2

Step#3 open Preferences and verify that my Cache file pointer has been moved and continue
to make other adjustment's in the Preference's section.
Step#3 log into V2 and force my inventory to load / I am using an Alt Avatar with 11,000 items
relog several times and continue with the force inventory loading

UBUNTU Installation:
Step#1 Open SecondLife-i686- with Archive Manager and extract to Desktop / next I will mount my D:\ drive
Step#2 same as above / except : the Cache location will be D:\SLStandardV2CacheUbuntu
Step#3 same as above

Next I will install the Snow Globe Standard version / Snow Globe Experimental version and Kirstens version to separate directories IE: E:\Program Files\SecondLifeSnowGlobeStandard
E:\Program Files\SecondLifeSnowGlobeExperimental and E:\Program Files\SecondLifeKirstens I will also be creating individual Cache directories on the D:\ drive for each individual version IE: D:\SLKirstensV2CacheWindows and D:\SLKirstensV2CacheUbuntu and for the 2 Snow Globe versions.
Tomorrow I will begin testing, so stay tuned :_)

JayR Cela :_)

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