Friday, April 16, 2021

OpenSim HyperGrid : the World Famous "Fabulous Wailers" 1950's - 60's Rock and Roll Virtual World Band : April 17 - 11:00am : 3rdRock Grid

      Hi there again, I am very pleased to announce the forth appearance of the World Famous 1950's and 60's Rock and Roll band "Supreme in Virtual Worlds", the "Fabulous Wailers" on  3rdRock Grid : Great Central Lake region April 17 at 11:00am standard grid time.

hypergrid link : Central Lake

   The lead member Kristobell Jiminy and the rest of the band have been performing in virtual worlds for as long as I can remember, from SecondLife to numerous OpenSim venues throughout the HyperGrid, and I got to tell ya they are fantastic, if you like dancing to some nostalgic great tunes this is the place you want to be tomorrow at 11:00am grid time. We also have 1 hour of 1960's Detroit Motor City MoTown classics from the 60's after the main show, along with some fully free and full perm power boats and jet-ski's. So stop on by if you can. 

JayR Cela :_)


OpenSim HyperGrid : Some new Free Full Perm Zodiac style power boats now available

 Hi there everyone, I just wanted to let ya know I recently set out some new boats yesterday and would like to share them with my fellow OpenSim users. These particular boats are of the Zodiac style outboards typically seen accompanying Yachts. Haa man I wish / LOL :_).

    anyways these are Full Perm Freebie's, I don't recall where I found the original Cyan version, regardless I decided to use a different  motor script, reshaped and then replaced the root prim, changed the original Cyan color to Lime, Blue, Green and Dark, you can try various other color combinations yourself.  The main reasons I decided to discard the original script, the one I chose is better documented and has the auto return function built right into the script, meaning that once a driver dismounts, the boat returns to it's original launch position. This eliminates the need for the rezz boards I have been and  am still using now. This particular script  is the same one used in the wonderful Jet Ski's I obtained from my friend Shelenn Ayres of the IMA " Infinite Metaverse Alliance " and lead developer on the OpenSim HyperGrid enabled : 

     I made 2 minor changes with this script, I increased the maximum speed from 4 gears to 6,and I don't really recall how I did that,

 also with the Zodiac's I changed the drivers view to be a bit closer over the shoulder from behind view as opposed to the Jet-Ski's further back and more from above view. This was a very interesting to experiment with, if your interested to try it yourself by finding the settings to edit in this section of code 

                       CAMERA_ACTIVE, 1,                 // 0=INACTIVE  1=ACTIVE
                       CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_ANGLE, 2.5,     // (0 to 180) DEGREES
                       CAMERA_BEHINDNESS_LAG, 0.3,       // (0 to 3) SECONDS
                       CAMERA_DISTANCE, 10.0,             // ( 0.5 to 10) METERS
                       CAMERA_PITCH, 12.0,                // (-45 to 80) DEGREES
                       CAMERA_POSITION_LOCKED, FALSE,    // (TRUE or FALSE)
                       CAMERA_POSITION_LAG, 0.0,         // (0 to 3) SECONDS
                       CAMERA_POSITION_THRESHOLD, 0.0,   // (0 to 4) METERS
                       CAMERA_FOCUS_LOCKED, FALSE,       // (TRUE or FALSE)
                       CAMERA_FOCUS_LAG, 0.0,           // (0 to 3) SECONDS
                       CAMERA_FOCUS_THRESHOLD, 0.0,      // (0 to 4) METERS
                       CAMERA_FOCUS_OFFSET, <2, 0, -1>   // <-10,-10,-10> to <10,10,10> METERS

    The Zodiac is set to : CAMERA_FOCUS_OFFSET, <2, 0, -1> 
    The Jet-Ski is set to : CAMERA_FOCUS_OFFSET, <-5, 0, 0>


    I should also mention that  I have also disabled the " Where Am I - responder " script as well, by commenting out all of it's code.

//integer WHERE_CHANNEL = -31415385;
//    state_entry()
//    {
//        llListen(WHERE_CHANNEL, "", NULL_KEY, ""); 
//    }
//    listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) 
//    {
//        if( msg == "where_report" )
//            llOwnerSay( "owned by " + llKey2Name( llGetOwner() ) + " is located at " + (string)llGetPos() );
//    }

    The reason I did this is because the main motor script will not function if you simply delete the Where Am I - responder script from the object. My first attempt at this approach resulted in a script that refused to compile, I managed to solve the problem by Stopping  everything and adding back the Where Am I - responder script back into the root prim, then commented everything out in it, recompiled everything in MONO, Reset, and Run the script, I needed to do this  twice for some reason. Once I did that everything worked fine. It's very easy to re-enable this Where am I feature by simply stopping all the scripts, edit and un-comment  each line of the Where Am I - responder script, then recompile, reset, run and you should be good to go, you may need to do it twice, unfortunately.

      I have been experimenting with power boat scripts for a number of years now, and I feel this is an excellent example of a well done and at professional level quality, well commented script that I have run across so far. You can pick up you free copies of the new Zodiacs and the Jet-Ski's on The 3rd Rock Grid : the Great Central Lake region. Central Lake

JayR Cela :_)

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Real Life and Virtual Life : My first Covid Shot

 By Avatar jayR Cela 

      Hello there folks, I am happy to say I received my first Covid vaccine dose today, and I have to tell you my anxiety level dropped quite a bit, I can get back on track of things now.

JayR Cela :_)

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Jet Ski Jump on 3rd Rock Grid / OS 0.8.x with BulletSim Physics

 By avatar JayR Cela

      Hey I got ta tell ya I am all into testing out the newest and greatest stuff in OpenSim, but I got to get real here, it's breaking stuff like crazy for me:_( 

   This is unfortunately part of progressing from one a solid and stable system to a new and emerging and hopefully more robust platform, and I am sure that will eventually happen. In the mean time I would like to share with you a recent video filmed in 3rd Rock Grid  using the older OS 0.8.2.x 

          ( specifically OpenSim       (Win/.NET) )

                  This is on 3rd Rock Grid the Great Central Lake region located at 

                      Central Lake

    Here is my most recent video demonstrating what can be done with a bit older and more refined technology.

JayR Cela :_)

Saturday, January 16, 2021

OpenSim : HyperGrid : Speed Boat Realism Effect Part 5 : New Race Course and Free Full Perm Jet Skis : Plus the Fabulous Wailers performance January 16 2021 : 11:00am Grid Time : 3rd Rock Grid : Great Central Lake : Central Lake

 By Avatar JayR Cela    

    Hello there anyone still reading this blog :_) I don't seem to have the extra time I once did to devote for covering Open Sim news or expressing my opinions, however I am still quite active in OS, particularly in 3rd Rock Grid with several ongoing large scale projects involving powered water sport vehicles. I truly love playing around with this stuff, recently I updated the Great Central Lake region in 3RG with a new and more challenging race course designed mostly for Jet Skis, it includes numerous jump ramps a few hazards to watch out for along with more wave hops added to my wave bump system, it's quite fun to attempt to make it thru the entire course multiple times at maximum speed with out experiencing some sort of crash.

    The Jet Skis are Full Perm with a great script most everyone in already familiar with one variant or another, this particular one is very nice. I got this from Shellenn Ayres of the MetaVerseDepot Grid and its very clean, it also features the auto return  function, thus once the rider stands the vehicle returns to its original position, this can prevent a lot of problems I am currently experiencing  on this sim because people rezz multiple copies of the same boat when I use the llkill object function via a Rezz Board. Is not really a big deal, but for the Jet Skis as far as I am concerned this works best.

    As you can see my bump wave system has now been expanded to the entire 3x3 lake region.

    There are 11 jump ramps and lots of bump waves in between, so if you miss the ramps you will still experience the thrill of flying your jet ski through the air, and watch out for a few sneaky traps too. 

    If you've never been to the Great Central Lake before, it's a fun region always gradually improving.


    There is a beautiful night club inside with several outdoor area's for entertainment as well.

     Speaking of entertainment The Fabulous Wailers 1950s-60s Rock and Roll Band will be performing for their third performance at the lake on January 16 2021 at 11:00am grid time with 1 hour more of 50s-60s Rock and Roll recorded from the famous Ed Sullivan television show. So if you can stop on by for some great music or just want to grab a copy of the full perm jet skis, stop on by whenever you can.

                                                               3rd Rock Grid
                                                           Great Central Lake
                                                               Size: 768 x 768
                   Central Lake (437,406,27)

JayR Cela  :_)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Is OpenSim Racist ?

 By Avatar JayR Cela

     This is a serious question, why is everyone in OpenSim White ? Think about it for a minute or two. It is not only a serious question, it is a serious problem. 

Saturday, July 4, 2020

OpenSim HyperGrid and building a new computer : Your thoughts please

    Hi there everyone, today I am posting to hopefully get some feed back and or advice about my next computer build, it has been 7 years since I put together my current rig it's getting really long in the tooth these days and will be put into a reserve state soon, this time around I will be going with AMD for the CPU, I'm undecided on the GPU, and MotherBoard. I am a Linux user and I was wondering if anyone has some comments or advice they would like to pass along.

JayR Cela _)

Friday, July 3, 2020

OpenSim : HyperGrid : are any of you into Retro Game Racing ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

     I was just wondering if anyone that happens to be reading this blog is into old school retro games that are devoted to some sort of race event's ?

     The past several months I have been exploring numerous, race game's via emulators for the most popular console platforms at that  time of relevance. It is fascinating to say the least. The Physics Engines used, the pro's and con's.
     Currently we have Bullet Sim and ubODE, I was just wondering about  your thought's and perhaps get a discussion started.

JauR Cela

Sunday, June 21, 2020

OpenSim : HyperGrid : Speed Boat Realism Effect Part 4 : My First Video

By Avatar JayR Cela

     This is one of many test's I am planning in order to promote the Motor Sport of Speed Boat Racing in OpenSIm. Check out this video.

    This is working out well so far.


JayR Cela :_)

Saturday, June 20, 2020

 By Avatar JayR Cela

     Appearing Jun 20 - 3RD Rock Grid - Great Central Lake Region
The Fabulous Wailers - 60's Rock & Roll Special Event
Power Boat Demolition Derby
10:00am PB Driving Lessons and Practice runs
11:00am "The Fabulous Wailers"
12:00-2:00pm 70's-80's Live Rock Music
along with "INSANE Power Boat Madness

! Bring Your Friends and !
CRASH into Any and All Fellow Boaters
3x3 Var Region and a "No Holds Barred"

Power Boat Demolition Derby event, starting at 10:00am grid time featuring the Fabulous Wailers 1960's band at 11:00 then 2 hours of Live Rock from the 70's and 80's afterwards featuring : Byran Ferry, Eurythmics, REO Speedwagon, Head East, Night Ranger, April Wine, Joan Jett, The Bangles, George Clinton, The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Kansas, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Bachman-Turner, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Stevie Ray Vaughn-(with)-Jeff Beck, Foghat, Brian Setzer, Allman Brothers, Blues Brothers. These are all unique live performances, so stop on by if you can.

JayR Cela :_)