Wednesday, August 9, 2023

3rd Rock Grid : The Great Central Lake : August 2023 update

 By Avatar JayR Cela

    I have been working on this project in 3rd Rock, the OpenSim grid, for about 8 years or longer, all that time I have been trying to recreate a conglomeration of some of the many wondrous places I was able to visit and explore across the USA in my youth.  I have to admit that I enjoy the beauty of nature, especially lakes and rivers, creeks and so on. I also enjoy boating, especially power boats and other high performance watercraft. 

    The problem is I can not afford any sort of life other than the one I have, fixed income, low rent subsidised apartment, and it is not to bad, I have nothing to complain about. So I wanted to create my fantasy world. I have been gradually working on this project, and I doubt if it will ever end.

    I want to honor a deceased friend and one of the founders of 3rd Rock Grid, and the Great Central Lake 

Zinnia Frenzy : may she RIP

    Without her similar vision to mine, this project would have never become the project is becoming.  Also thanks to Dolfke Barbosa, Thoria Millgrove, Kira Tiponi, and way to many other people to list here, also special thanks to Emerson Ronas, and Light Sprite. So I say thank you everyone for contributing your ideas and making available so many free building assets.

      I am just waiting to show off -  share some pictures of the recently completed North East shore lines, with special thanks to all of the other friends I have met over the years, and now, I invite you for a look at the pictures and a visit.

    There are many full perm assets available.

JayR Cela :_) Central Lake Central Lake


Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Open Sim : Firestorm Viewer : Linux : Voice : and the Flatpak installation BLOCKED ! Updated mid September 2023

 By Avatar JayR Cela

Article Update : mid September 2023 the link is working properly again too install the latest available viewer.


     I don't get riled up very often about much of anything, however sometimes I do get a bit pissed off at narrow minded idiotic reactions to people just trying to use some OPEN SOURCE software in order to actually be able to use the Voice function while using the FireStorm virtual world viewer software while in a Linux desktop environment

    A bit of a background, several years ago the company that supplies the Vivox voice services made a decision to no longer support the Linux platform. This resulted in the loss of the Voice feature in OpenSim and SecondLife for all Linux users.

    This problem was able to be solved by using the Wine Windows programs  compatibility layer to run native Windows based programs while using your Linux desktop, and for the most part it works well. 

    There are a number of questionable issues that are of concern, this Flatpak, that is no longer working will download several window manager packages that are no longer supported and labeled so, at this point things get kinda weird, and it depends on which fork of the FireStorm project you download and use.

    It seems to me that the Flathub Firestorm download is currently not only Broken it is : FORBIDDEN

─ $ ▶ flatpak update

Looking for updates…

        ID                                  Branch Op Remote  Download

 1. [✗] org.firestormviewer.FirestormViewer stable u  flathub 1.0 kB / 168.3 MB

Error: While downloading Server returned status 403: Forbidden

Updates complete.

error: There were one or more errors

jayr @ action1  ~

└─ $ ▶ 

   What pisses me off is, I can not use Voice while using a Linux based computer, without the ridiculous workaround of installing WINE in order to have it function properly.

I guess that the Firestorm team is following Redhat when they will no longer allow access to the source code.

   This is just DUMB....

Jessica Lyon / please help us.

Article Update : mid September 2023 the link is working properly again too install the latest available viewer.

Friday, June 9, 2023

Open Sim supposed friends who scam you,or were they just in over their head bragging?

 By Avatar JayR Cela    

    I really needed to relax before I finally decided to post this. Yes my home grid, the one I consider home after being a resident for 12 years was ripped off by two people, one of them who was a long time trusted resident. I guess we should have known better that when you meet a know it all wind bag, you need to watch out before paying them any type of real currency to do a job they were not qualified to undertake in the first place, so shame on us. I will not be publishing the names of the persons involved or my home grids name. 

JayR :_(


Saturday, June 3, 2023

Open Sim : Hypergrid : Scam Artists and Con Men : What do you do?

By Avatar AjayR Cela

     This is a subject I really thought I would never have to bring up here in Open Sim. I am talking about people that perpetuate a persona of them actually believing they are the Master Guru in OS and He or She possess's such vast amounts of knowledge in the Open Sim Universe, no one can compare.

      Or is this person a con artist ?

    The best part is when they sell you their non-existence services, and once they make numerous excuses, for why things are not working you are left holding the bag.

    These are scams.

I am about to expose a major one. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

OpenSim : Hypergrid : Firestorm Viewer for Linux now available as a Flatpak

By Avatar JayR Cela :     

    If you are a Linux user more than likely your familiar with the Flatpak application distribution method of publishing user applications, along with others such as Snaps and App Images. There are pros and cons to all three methods, my personal feelings favor Flatpaks over the later two, and I recently found the Firestorm viewer available on FlatHub : the Firestorm Viewer page. : This page does list an older and SL specific version of FS, however as is typical with Flatpak apps, the most recent version and with Opensim logins enabled is the one used during installation. It also seems that Vivox voice is working natively in Linux again as I can see the voice indicator  dot operate correctly above my avatars head as I key up the mic. I have not had a chance to test this with someone yet.

And this info is listed in the viewer Help > About Firestorm menu.

 Audio Driver Version: FMOD Studio 2.02.07


  CEF: 91.1.23+g04c8d56+chromium-91.0.4472.164

  Chromium: 91.0.4472.164

LibVLC Version: Using gstreamer 1.0

Voice Server Version: Vivox 3.2.0002.10426 

    If so this would mean no more having to use the Windows version of FS via WINE, just in order to use the voice feature again. Yay :_)

     One thing I need to mention here is the Firestorm team does not recommend the download and installation of their viewers from anywhere other than those linked on the official FS Web site. You have been warned

     My experience using Flathub and Flatpaks via my distributions Application Store over the past two years have been good, problems encountered so far were minimal and minor, also Flatpaks by design are run in a sandboxed environment, so the likelihood of a virus or trojan infecting you system are extremely low. As always do a full system backup before any unrecommended application install, and you should be fine.

JayR Cela :_)

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

OpenSim : Hypergrid : Griefer Defense the Easyway for Estate Managers

     Opensim has traditionally been considered by many resident's as being griefer free, or close to it. This is not the case recently, unfortunately one or more bad actors are spreading pain around the Hypergrid. Why they do it is not worth debate, what is worth talking about is how easy it can be to thwart, discourage and prevent it from happening to you. I am assuming that you have estate manager privileges and the land is set to a particular group with by invitation only group membership.

      Once all of these parameters are verified, simply go into your about land settings and select options, in the everyone section turn off the build, object entry and run scripts check box's.

      This is your best and easiest way to implement a solution that I know of.

JayR Cela :_)


Tuesday, December 7, 2021

OpenSim~HyperGrid : Update : New Graphics Card for OpenSim on a $300.00 Budget

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Recently I was talking about my new PNY-Nvidia-Quadro T600 video card and how it works in OpenSim environments. This thing is a monster for my 3rd Generation Intel i7 3770 with 16 Gig of ram computer, it seems to be a good match for the computer a DELL Optiplex 7010 MT, with no discernable bottlenecks between the the 8 year old Intel i7 and the new GPU, it was an easy way to upgrade my HyperGrid user experience,while not emptying my bank account on an overpriced Nvidia RTX or AMD XT based card along with a power supply upgrade too.

    I paid $269.95+tax at NewEgg online and $24 for two Mini Display Port to DVI adaptors, so I was just a bit over my budget, I am very impressed with the results I am getting in OpenSim. In closing I would like to say, depending on your circumstances I would highly recommend the card.  

JayR Cela :_)


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Upgrading my Graphics Card for OpenSim on a Budget

 By Avatar JayR Cela :

     Wow the words "on a budget" in current video card deals is a bad joke at best. I have purchased a new Nvidia T600 video graphics card recently / it is the same Tensor Core silicon used in the 20xx and 30xx series of cards / it is designed for entry level workstation graphics production and has by current standards a low price tag / it has 640 CUDA cores / 128 bit 4gig GDDR6 memory and 1.709 TFLOPS and 4 MiniDisplay Port outputs / it is state of the art low priced brand new card and is already being sold for prices way above MSRP / I paid $300 US for mine and is currently going for $400 US / was it worth it ? / yes and no / in OpenSim I did gain about 10 to 15 FPS for some situations / others not so much / in other non OpenSim related graphics programs ( retro game emulation ) it is a huge improvement from my previous Nvidia GT730 1 Gig DDR3 card / the thing I like the best about this particular card is that it does not require any additional power besides that supplied by the PCIe slot, and will work in low profile computer cases as well.

I'm just passing this information along/ for opensim use only and at $300 US was a bit expensive, however I feel it was worth it.

JayR Cela :_)

Saturday, August 28, 2021

To any of the people that have read this Blog over the years

 By Avatar JayR Cela

Please get vaccinated for this Covid virus. 

you owe this to your fellow human beings, and it's your duty to help out.

PLEASE Get Vaccinated 

JayR Cela

Thursday, August 19, 2021

OpenSim HyperGrid : Saturday August 21 2021 - The Fabulous Wailers 50's-60's Rock & Roll band - With Lots of Free working full perm powerboats

     It has been a while since my last post, I hope everyone is doing well.

I just wanted to tell you about the Fabulous Wailers event August 21 2021 on the Great Central Lake region in 3rdRock Grid.  Location: Central Lake

A very special event at the Great Central Lake region. "The Fabulous Wailers Radio Show" This is a phenomenal 2 hour show featuring back to back performances, of the famous "Walk Alone" show,followed by the Live Radio Interview Special with some of the original band members,that traces the history of this Iconic 50's-60's Rock and Roll band. A Truly Classic Event that should not be missed! August 21 2021 10:00am-12:00pm Grid Time.  I also have a great selection of FreeBee Full Perm scripted and working power boats and jetskis set out for anyone to drive or take copies of.

    This is located on a beautiful 3x3 Sim using BulletSim Physics, all of the boats and jetskis are operational, and have been tuned to provide a realistic effect when driving  using my BumpWave  system that allow the boats to hop over wave effects on the waters surface, they also fly over jump ramps.

    If you have never had the chance to listen to a The Fabulous Wailers shows, your in for a real treat with this 2 hour special that tracks the origins of the real life band with some radio interviews of various founding members exploring the bands history from early High School sock hops, to early Rock & Roll clubs to creating numerous Top Hit songs and many Albums. If you enjoy late 50's-and early 60's Rock & Roll, you owe it to yourself to stop by.

Region Name: Great Central Lake

HyperGrid Location: Central Lake

-Time: 10:00am-12:00pm 

Hope to see you there.

JayR Cela :_)