Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dolphin Viewer 1.5.0(3627) for SecondLife (R) A Trip Down Nostalgia Lane

This is a very nice viewer, initial setup is pretty much the same as the Ascent and Phoenix 1.x based versions.
And it comes ready to go grid hopping to numerous Open Sim Virtual Worlds, no fuss no muss.

FPS? I t really makes no sense at this point to start comparing performance specs. All of the 1.x viewers preform pretty much the same, with the exception being Phoenix, which generally puts out about 5-7 FPS ahead of the others.

It boils down to a matter of usability, and your own personal preferences. I f you have been in SL for many years, and find yourself feeling a bit exhausted with all the changes involved in the current turmoil going on at LL. ( War of the Clients ) You might really enjoy using this browser, the designers have managed to revert the UI back to the old 1.18.x interface. Yes you read that correctly. Gone is the Communicate button, replaced with the much simpler old style, separate 4 button approach. Chat, IM, Friends, Groups buttons on the lower left panel.

I have always preferred this layout because, it only takes 1 mouse click to access what I wish to do in regards to communication as opposed to multiple clicks.

Dolphin Viewer Team, a nice return to a common sense approach.

. This viewer has quick rezz times when you TP from one simm to another, due to the now widely used Draw Distance Stepping feature. Has the ability to run multiple threads while rendering, uses the new HTTP texture fetch, and Render using Frame Buffer Objects.It allows for multiple attachment points, and will download your inventory in the background when you log into your session.

Now I need to mention, all of these features are not activated right out of the box, it will take some tweaking on your part to enable them. But once that is done, you will have a rock solid, no frills, very easy to use SL client, or for any Open Simm Virtual World you wish to visit. No fancy stuff stuff here, just a good old reliable, and down to earth approach to your VR client needs.

 JayR Cela :_)

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