Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SecondLife (R) R.I.P. Emerald Bites the Dust !!

Well we all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, LL cant produce a viewer that's worth a dam, so they kill off the only one that most folks prefer "Emerald" But there are some wonderful alternatives.

  Phoenix seems to be the one I will use, as I can not seem to get antiailasing to function in  Ascent or several other TPV's, and as of today LL just killed off SnowGlobe. This Walled Garden LL seems to be dwelling in what  will eventually reach its End of Life cycle. Anyone remember AOL, Compuserve, most people do not like Viewer 2 Why cant LL get it through their fricking heads, this viewer is garbage. M Linden took you turkeys to the bank. HaHaHa

  Oh well, off to Open Sim :( and Inworldz

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