Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project SnowStorm, Whats Right About SecondLife(R) Viewer 2 ? Not Much !!

So the original Idea was to retain new customers with a new viewer interface. This is not a matter of preventative  maintenance.

It boils down too, a crap load of money getting flushed down the toilet.

I am able to get phenomenal FPS, between 25 to40, with a typical average of about 30.

But what good does that do me with a totally unusable UI. And something that really gets on my nerves, is where in the heck did the Personal Pick's in my Profile disappear too?

So lets go back to Philips speech as he returned to the helm of SL. Fast, Easy and Fun, that's what we here at LL intend to make SL. Well they defiantly got the Fast part of the equation done, an average of 30FPS on my 5 year old rig is damm good, but Easy "NO!!!" - Fun "NO!!!"

The screen is cluttered, the color scheme is still horrid, some tear offs and re-size on most menus is limited at best, the side bar is an embarrassment, and needs to be trashed. Antiailiasing is non functional!

I'll admit this is a nightly build, and project SnowStorm is an on-going process, but the recent departure of Tofu and Aimee Linden, whom were two of the project leaders, does not bode well. For that matter, just about everyone that was originally involved with creating this FrankenClient has been given the pink slip, or moved on to browner pastures.

This viewer is, and never has been ready for prime time.
I have attended several of the project SnowStorm meetings, and  have always left with the same impression. This Viewer is a Turkey!

Personally I do not believe that Viewer 2 can be fixed. At least not by LL.

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