Friday, October 8, 2010

InWorldz and Open Sim about to Kick LL and SL into the Dust ? Not Quite Yet

This post has been a long time coming.
Not anytime soon, but give it about 2 years, SL will still be here, but the compitention is really starting to heat up. I have been dropping into the InWorldz Grid from time to time. Lots of stability problems there
Not really even worth your time visiting, YET !! But it will be.

I'm really fed up with the Lab.
Viewer 2 is a complete disaster, the SnowStorm team is seriously in trouble.

And I have no intention to stop bashing V2 until the Lab admits the screw up BIG TIME !!!  Just dump the whole dam thing, at least re-name it Viewer3, adopt Kirsten's mod's, witch are just sitting there in limbo, because they are so embarrassed, how 1 person can create such a superior product.

Ascent, Dolphin, Henri's VL Cool, Phoenix and a few other TPV's with their 1.2.x viewers are just blowing LL right out of the water.

Media on a prim is very cool, for education and white board meetings. But LL's recent decision to drop special discount pricing for educational institutions, is just beyond belief.

Is LL up for sale, Haaaa!

Why would anyone with a right mind, or sane head, even consider buying this mess.

Also recent legislation in California, for IT reform requires a 50% data center consolidation of space and a cut of energy use of 20% by July 2011 and 30% by July 2012

A Sun Micro Black Box or IBM Main Frame infrastructure, may become a necessity for the Lab.

Running a server farm is costly. They use untold amounts of energy, generate an incredible amount of heat, and that requires a very costly cooling infrastructure to be in place.

I am predicting here and now, within 2 years Open Sim will blow LL and SL right out of the water.

Sorry Philip :(
Until you accept the  fact, and remember that LL was the company that first proposed the Hyper Grid protocol in the first place, for inter grid tele-a-ports, tear down the walls, make a fix for permissions of Virtual Goods, so the merchants and content creators feel confident again

Bury V2, really deep, so far into the ground, it will never rear its hideous head again.

Or you could just use Kirstens as the standard download. It is so far advanced from the product the lab is putting out, its not even fumy.You should be ashamed, to have anything to do with this abomination. In my so un-humble opinion. Fire everyone involved with the V2 project and move forward.

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