Thursday, October 28, 2010

SecondLife (R) Viewer 2.3 Beta goes Live / Beta 2.4 on the Loose / Display Names Feature is Garbage and should be Sent to the Trash where it Belongs

Wow the Project SnowStorm Team is really kicking some butt, with their release schedule. A lot of improvements have been incorporated, and I can see that quite a bit of functionality from the 1.x series viewers is slowly being incorporated into V2. Some of the new features however are completely worthless, Display Names is one of them. We don't need another worthless feature tacked onto a seriously flawed UI. Who needs it, what is its purpose, teeny bopper hysteria? 

I just came from Jack Lindens meeting today, Lot's of seriously pissed off people,especially from the merchants, search is still messed up beyond belief, magic boxes not working. Jack seems to remind me of the omnipotent Q from ST Next Generation. He just don't get it. At least Esbee, Merov and Oz have a firm grip on things. They are listening to people and incorporating changes as quickly as it is possible for them to do so.

I skipped the 2.3 Beta, and am using 2.4, Its pretty nice, everything loads quickly, the UI is gradually improving, and lets face it 1.25.x is a dead issue. I suspect by years end, all of the TPV's will have started development on V2 code base, albeit with different User Interface enhancements. Keep an eye on the Phoenix team. This viewer is headed up by former LL employee Jessica Lyon. I believe there their will be one more release of Phoenix based on 1.x then a V2 version with a completely revamped UI.

In closing, Jack Linden, why are you admitting openly in your in world meetings that resources are stretched to thinly at LL to tackle significant problems like in world search, a borked Marketplace, and you still want to stroke your pet puppy Display Names? It is a completely worthless piece of crap unnecessary feature.

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