Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SecondLife(R) C# to Replace LSL / Mono 2.6 UpGrade / Larger Prims

As I mentioned earlier things are really changeing at LL and with SL in general, I will just pass along a few things being rumored at the various LL meetings.
# 1 C# will soon be the scripting language in SL, the only problem is there are no plans to make it backward compatable with LSL, huge mistake on the labs part.
# 2 I guess that is where Mono 2.6 will come into play, Mono is an interpreted intermediate language. All this stuff is up in the air right now, all I can say is, if the amount of time learning LSL is simply tossed out the window in favor of C#, then the lab has really blown it. Hopefully the Mono 2.6 upgrade will ease the change.
# 3 The real big thing to look for is huge prims, no longer shall we be limited to 10*10m prim maximum size, this seems to be an unexpected side result of the Lab moving to using Mesh for graphics. For me this is a very welcome change, I have been using Mega-Prims for the past year, and they are very tricky to work with, so the ability to use a prim larger than 10meters will be absolutely fantastic.

JayR Cela :_)

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