Monday, October 11, 2010

SecondLife(R) Esbee & Oz Linden Trying to make Viewer2 Actualy Useable

SL is such a wonderful platform for imigination, the ability to be able to walk, talk, meet with people, share your idea's and asperations.

Phillip Linden got it right, by creating this world that we all share and have come to love.
There have been some flaws and miss-steps along the way.

I do not seem to be making any friends on the Viewer2 team, but that's OK
Everyone knows it is a flop. The Code is great, just the User Interface is a complete disaster. And I will keep saying this until LL sues me.

Bring it On !! I'll give ya my lawyers name any time.

Or you can do the cowardly standard LL approach and BAN me, when one of your screwball, untrained employees gets upset with reality.

I like Esbee, she is doing her best, Oz, he is highly intelligent, but I doubt if he will last. The V2 project is such a disaster. His talents will move forward to another Virtual World. May it be InWorldz? I doubt that, Reaction Grid, maybe. 3rd Rock, I have not been there yet.

I am perdicting that Oz will start his own VW, I believe that is what will happen. He is way to intelligent to continue with this disaster called V2.

If and when / and I'm just making a perdiction here. I will be be there.Open Sim based, Hyper Grid compatable, and eventually it will Kick LL's Butt ! Hyper Grid is the future.

LL really needs to solve the permission problems. Folks have been complaing about this for years, and the Lab just ignores the issue.

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