Friday, October 8, 2010

SecondLife(R) SnowStorm Development Build 2-2-1-211582

Well it's Friday, and I promised a look at the latest SnowStorm Build. I have to stress the importance of removing any previous builds. Clean your registry, and be prepared for anything to happen, LOL :_)

For the most part it should be harmless, but I do highly recommend making a Restore Point before you proceed with installation, of any new viewer.

So I'm going to load this puppy up and attend the Project SnowStorm dsily M-F meeting, will be interesting to see if anyone actually shows up. I think support for this project is waning. I dont work for, or would want to be a LL employee, they are going through some ruff times. Open Simm is about to eat them for Lunch, within the next 2 years. The InWorldz grid is really starting to take off.  ( I'll be dropping by there later on this afternoon.)

Well it seems that finally most all menu items are tear off and resizable to a point, and the overall color scheme is a lil bit better. Inventory had to be force loaded, was extremely quick, but required several re-loggs.

I'm not sure what Henri did with his Cool VL Viewer, but that is the only client I have tested so far that did a complete inventory load, without having to log in and out several times.

FPS has really taken a hit with this latest build, I seem to only be averaging about 17,  it could just be my ISP.
 I have been told my microphone is causing echo problems, I dont even have a mic plugged ito this computer

Menu's are still not translucent. I don't know what the heck is going on here, Anti-ailaising is still not working.

This viewer is so chock full of flaw's it should be a complete embarrassment to any one involved !

Kirstens, Ascent, Phoenix, Dolphin, Cool VL, Imprudence, are all vastly superior clients. 

Don't waste your time with this piece of crap, because that is exactly what it and Viewer 2 are, GARBAGE.

Am I in a bad mood today, you bet your bippy I am. TAKE THIS PIECE OF S*** and stick it where the SUN Don't Shine LL

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