Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Viewer 3 Around the Corner ? / Large Prims in SL ?

Well seems as if LL, is finally getting the message that the UI of Viewer 2 is a complete disaster. We should start to see some major changes by January, and a possible V3 by spring, this new viewer will not only support Mesh, and 64x64m max prim size, and hopefully native support for Blender, and a number of other very interesting features as well, TGA as the default file format for pictures is one of them.

One thing that really disappoints  me is that, some folks really want direct support for Maya. In my opinion Maya is so darn expensive, it makes no sense to even bother with it. Open Source ( FREE ) software is the only way to go, especially in todays tough economic times. If you look at the amount of free mesh material available via Google SketchUp, making Maya the default is a huge mistake. Blender can import and export multiple file formats. I will admit it is rather difficult program to master, or even learn for that matter. But things in SL are changing very fast. If you are a content creator I am sure you are up to date on a number of impending issues. If you are a casual user, just relax and we will see what happens

From what I can tell at all the different LL meetings I attend, a user and content creator opinion voting system will soon be put into place. If this actually happens, I will be sure to post information here.

Viewer 1.x will soon be a dead issue, so stay tuned here, I will do my best to keep you up to date on what is happening.

In closing.....
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JayR Cela