Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello World! (Again)

By Avatar Cummere Mayo

It's a shame that 2.5 beta is being overshadowed by issues over the web profiles, both security/privacy and technological issues. Because deep down, 2.5 is the best 2.x viewer to roll out of Snowstorm or LL.

Before I am lynched, let me state that I am no fan of the 2.x ui. In fact, I hate it, and have pushed hard for major changes, some of which have been implemented in all or part, and some which have not been.

no. here's why I like 2.5. If you don't factor in the memory leaks and runtime errors (which are a known issue and we hope can be fixed), for most people 2.5 seems fairly stable. Most of the time I will have maybe one or two crashes a day. Which, considering I'm usually using an ALPHA build of the viewer is pretty good.

Additionally in 2.5 something like over a hundred bugs were fixed, and several new features were introduced. One of these great features is the ability to access your favorite landmarks from the starting screen. This feature sadly broke for me and a small percentage of other users and we aren't quite sure why yet. But its still a nice feature.

That's not to say 2.5 is anywhere like "there" yet. It's not. There's tons of work I want to see done. I have over 100 open jiras that I have created for bug fixes, feature requests, and other changes I want to see. overall, though, except for web profiles which I will discuss another time I take allot of pride in 2.5.

Why? Why do -I- a resident take pride in 2.5?

Well, because I tested allot of it. I worked with developers in and out of Linden Lab and ProductEngine giving feedback about features, bugs, and the look and feel. Some of that feedback was used to make changes, some was discussed and ultimately didn't affect the outcome, and some of it was simply confirmation that things seemed to work right.
In addition, some of the things snowstorm has worked on have been ideas ive had or bugs ive found durring testing that others worked hard to correct before the beta shipped. So testers like me have reason to be proud.

Who am I? I'm Cummere Mayo. Some of you might remember me from Linden Watch. Some of you might know me from various Roleplay Groups I've been involved with. Some of you might know me from Jira, or the forums. Yet others might recognize me from clubs I've worked in or frequented, or shopping groups, or from my handful of products still on marketplace, or any of a number of other places.

My priorities for Second Life are as follows: Make it easier and more useful for Content Creators, make it more Accessable, make it Customizeable, and protect Privacy. (Capitalizations are intentional.)

Those that know me know I'm passionate, brutal, involved, and rarely hold my punches. Those that don't know me will learn those facts soon enough. JayR has invited me to be a guest blogger here. So for as long as I'm welcome, I would like to share my insights, views, and knowledge with you.

~Cummere Mayo


JayR Cela said...

Welcome to The SecondLife Technologist Blog, Cummere. Looking forward to more.

JayR :_)

Tinsel Silvera said...

Welcome from me as well!

I am currently using the Dev version 2.6.x and am very pleased with it. It has been very stable for me, which says a lot considering my access is a very slow dsl.