Monday, January 3, 2011

OK I've About Had it with Viewer 2 "Because Part 5" "Numerous Generally Annoying Idiotic Solution's to Nonexistent Problems"

    Welcome back, "LOL" the holiday season is behind me, thank goodness, so I will finally wrap up this 5 part series on the apparent lunacy inflicting LL, and their insistence that Viewer 2 can be fixed ! Don't get me wrong, I wish the Lab all the luck in the world, but personally I feel at this point, that V2 is a lost cause, because this thing just stinks. If in December 2011, Santa brings us a Viewer 3, with a selectable, UI I'll finally shut up.

#1 in Preferences > Move & View > Automatic Position For > Sidebar. Why and hell is this option still available ? Users have been complaining about this so called enhanced feature since Day 1. I like nothing better than having 1/4 of my screen getting pushed to the side every time I access this idiotic goof up design decision.

For crying out loud, just make the damn default, be for this screen shift to not happen at all, and remove the option entirely. This definitely qualifies as a nonexistent problem with the 1.x series of viewers.

#2 also in the same section Build & Edit. Has any one at the Lab involved in Viewer 2 development actually ever tried to create, or build something in SL ? Apparently not as this fiasco clearly demonstrates.

Not only do you loose complete lack of focus, depending upon where the builds root prim is located, the Devs are making decisions for me that I do not want. Unless of course I am willing to delve deep into the depths of the Debug Menu in order to reset camera settings. And with a lot of so called enhanced features in V2 they seem to have a mind of their own, work some times not others. I require a consistent User Interface that behaves predictably.

#'s 6 - 7 and 8 unfortunately will have to wait until tomorrow

Thanks & Byee till then

JayR Cela :_)

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