Friday, January 21, 2011

SecondLife "Viewer2 is just about A Dead Issue"

    Whooo Nelly !! Before anyone jumps all over me, I'm making this statement a bit " Tongue in Cheek " for one reason the Lab is about to run out of 2.x version numbers. Some of the folks in the SnowStorm & Beta team's are already working on 2.7 variations, and now that a lot of the more serious and annoying bugs have been or are being squashed, and lot's of talk about finally fixing the UI's ( User Interface ) most glaring and obvious design flaws. We are rapidly approaching a V3.x version numbering scheme.

    What would I like to see in Viewer3.0 ?
# 1 Get rid of that Gawd Awful Side Bar, once and for all, or at least make it an option.
# 2 I want actual Tear Off menu's and Sub Menu's, not some lame brained Dock,
      Un-Dock scheme.
   #2b Yes I know we now have floater's, and therefor can eliminate the Side Bar by
           carefully placing them to a preferred position.    
           I would like a Save Setup As Option, so I don't need to redo 10 minutes
           worth of work each and every time I log in.
# 3 More options in the Build Tool, cloning the current Phoenix tool would satisfy me.
# 4 A Camera Control that does not have a mind of it's own, disappearing for no
       reason while I am  building, and is re-sizable.          
# 5 Consistency with menu semi transparency when changing active menu focus.
# 6 Back port the old FirstName_LastName scheme so it functions alongside the new
      FirstName.Lastname  that the introduction of Display Names destroyed, rendering
      my saved Log  files useless, unless I want to take the time to open a freaking text
# 7 More liberal menu resize-ability. I want some screen real-estate back.
#8 A more palatable color scheme, sorry but dark grey on even darker grey,
     and pale dark green looks horrible and uninviting to me.

JayR Cela :_)


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