Thursday, January 13, 2011

SecondLife~Working with MegaPrims "Part 3 Avoiding Property Encroachment"

As my good friend Hitomi Tipomi ( Maker of the StarLight Skin for V2 )  ) reminded me of yesterday. SecondLife is slated to soon allow the making of prims larger than the current 10x10x10m maximum, to a yet undetermined maximum size. ( rumor has it at 64x64x64m ) The main hold up so far has not been a viewer issue. Rather it has been implementing the feature on the Server side of the equation, in order to minimize the potential to utilize extremely large prims for the purpose of griefing, and accidentally annoying your SL neighbors.

If you are unfamiluar with Property lines in SL, here is an example in the following two pictures.

As you can easily see, the same parcel's of land, however the second picture shows, the defining lines between seperate land owned by the same or different people. Much like a fence in RL seperates your neighbors yard from your own.

Notice the Red line's, some of them Green, some Blue, between the white homes and the small brown cabin. This is our invisible fence, so to speak, that defines one neighbors land from the other's. Parcel Encroachment is when you place an overlapping prim that resides upon your's but protrudes upon your neighbors, as seen here.

So what's the problem ? Well depending on where the beginning "Bounding Box" of the MegaPrim originates, left - right - top - bottom, you may slice the prim, and although it may no longer be visible, it could still be intruding upon your neighbors property. In other words you have inadvertantly added 1 extra prim to their available maximum allowed prim count.

Now not all MegaPrim's are created equal, some seem to have there "Bounding Box" located at the Top. others at the Center. And I imagine this is why it has taken the Lab so long to figure out, exactly how to deal with this issue properly.

In some cases your neighbor may have their parcels properties set to Auto Return, if thats the case, your MegaPrim will simply be returned to your Inventories "Lost and Found" folder in your directory. If that's the case a simple rotation of 180 degree will usually solve the problem. But it mat take some patience and experimentation, and cooperation with your neighbors when you are working with MegaPrims

In Closing all this should become a moot point soon, once Parcel Encroachment and larger prims are fully intrigrated into the back end server code.

Thanks for reading / Byeee :_)

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

It really will be 64x64x64. From what Katherine Berry (who created says this will account for about 90% of megaprim requests in sl.

JayR Cela said...

According to Nyx Linden, it will more than likely be 64x64x64m, but as always, is still not a set in stone decision as of this past Wednesday's Office Hour meeting.

JayR :_)

Anonymous said...

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