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Tech: V2.5 Resident profiles on the web, Facebook and Twitter connection

Outworlding with viewer 2.5

By Avatar ~ ThinkererSelby Evans
From Linden Blogs

The biggest change in Viewer 2.5 Beta 1 is that we've replaced the Viewer-based profiles with web-based profiles. You can access the redesigned profiles on the web using your Second Life user id and in the Viewer itself... And, if you wish, you can even connect other social identities from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to your profile.
So I downloaded viewer 2.5 beta to see how that worked. I got graphics so bad I couldn't use the beta. (Bad decompression algorithm, I suspect.) That's no big deal -- It is a beta. But it also fouled my standard viewer 2.4.
I wish they could figure out how to make betas run independently of the standard viewer. Anywa y, I resolved that problem by complete removal of the beta. That means that I can't even keep the beta on my machine to test its features. But I hear from my friends that some of the features aren't working right anyway. So I will just report on the implications of what I think features will do when v2.5 is working right.
Your profile on the web 
You get your own web presence in Second Life. Somewhat like your web page on Facebook. But the Second Life profile will confirm your identity. For example, I am Thinkerer Melvillle in Second Life and in some Open Source grids: InWorldz and Jokaydia. I am Selby Evans in the outworld, including Facebook and Twitter.
BTW, I use inworld and outworld to designate virtual reality and the physical reality that some people have considered "real" reality. (The technical term for this view, among philosophers, is Naive Realism.)
Since I can connect my Second Life identify with my Facebook identity, someone who want to send a message to Thinkerer Melville can send it to Selby Evans with some confidence that it will get to me. Similarly, my friend, JayR Cela, can send me a message in Facebook under whatever name she uses in Facebook. And I can recognize her as the same person I know and work with in Second Life under the name JayR Cela.
This ID validation and outworld communication channel will obviously be of great value to collaborative activity in Second Life. I have Facebook open essentially all the time i am near my computer. I check for messages several times a day. I can often exchange messages with my friends via Facebook more easily than I can via Second Life. So I suspect that Facebook will come to play an important role in communication among Second Life Residents.
There will, of course, be the usual outcry from the YesButters:
"Yes, but this will invade your privacy, facilitate stalking, and expose you to identity theft."
These people will all use the internet. Which, the older generation knew back in the last century, was going to "invade your privacy, facilitate stalking, and expose you to identity theft."
For my part, I will ignore any such warnings unless they are transmitted to me by some method that does not pose such risks.
Let me introduce myself:
I am Thinkerer Melville inworld (Second LIfe, InWorldz and Jokaydia) and Selby Evans outworld. I work to promote education, theater, art, entertainment, and newcomer help in Second Life and other virtual worlds. I post articles intended to contribute to that objective. Most of these articles go on my blog:
Virtual Outworlding
JayR  has been kind enough to invite me to become a contributor on this blog. I follow technical developments in virtual words to report on possible futures that may be important to the activities I am promoting. I will be focusing my contributions in this on the more technical aspects of what I find.
I subscribe to The SecondLife Technologist via Google Reader.
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JayR Cela said...

I there Thinkerer / welcome to my Blog :_)

JayR :_)

JayR Cela said...

BTW :" I wish they could figure out how to make betas run independently of the standard viewer "

This problem, has 2 reason's, if your using Windows to run the SL Client, It's shear laziness on the Beta's team part, as this "Old Bug" keeps resurfacing from time to time, and has to do with the way that Windows uses the Documents and Settings folder to store information about individual programs installed on your computer. It's simple to fix > just install the newer Beta version alongside the current one, but to a different Folder > C:\Programfiles\SecondLifeBeta instead of C:\Programfiles\SecondLife
Most TPV's need to take note of this as well, they should at the very least offer a choice of the installation folder during the initial setup procedure.

If your running Linux / this is a non-issue / because every thing is treated as a standalone object "in most case's" / not sure about Mac OS-X / but since OS-X is based on Linux I would imagine the same holds true for Mac user's as well.

JayR :_)