Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Storm-2?

Written by Cummere Mayo

Meow its been a busy couple weeks with allot of news. Firestorm code to be integrated into Snowstorm, teleport and region crossing compression, interest list changes, major changes coming in Group chat, and so much more. Its more then a poor sweet neko can juggle keeping track of in her paws! But today I want to address something hinted at a couple of weeks ago in this blog: Storm-2.

What is Storm-2? Well Storm-2 is the unofficial designation of the second jira officially assigned to Snowstorm. This jira deals with the first part of making a ui that can fully store and remember custom layouts and preferences for rapid saving, shifting, and recall. Storm-2 is also the unofficial designation of the developer build built to both test what has been coded so far as well as demonstrate the concept and allow for planning of where to go next.

So far the functionality is VERY basic. It saves and stores the locations, dock states, and even number of instances of some floaters and many sidebar tabs. Floaters and tabs currently able to be saved and recalled include the profile and inventory tabs.
There are some issues though. the Build floater is not saved or recalled, and the sidebar state isn't yet saved and recalled. Nor are search strings or the specific profiles inside those panels saved yet. The former are on the road map and the later are still being discussed. I personally would like to see some of the preferences saved and recalled too, at least the graphics settings!

That's really about it so far. But this project isn't done yet, and it is meant to be the start of a larger project to make the viewer much more customizable and usable. Don't be expecting to see Storm-2 in an official viewer anytime soon though. It is a very big project and at times can't be included in sprints because of other important issues and projects. Still, its a sign of great things to come.


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