Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2.6 the good and the bad

by Cummere mayo
Over the past few months the 6 viewer has been quietly slipping on towards becoming the main viewer. This viewer is radically differant then past viewers and incorperates the very reason for all the new web based profiles and stuff. That reason is the new "basic" and "advanced" mode option. The "basic mode" is a glrofied web browser that makes sl play similar to most mmorpgs. Very simple commands, point and click to go anywhere, chat and im capabilities. This mode also has hands down the best desination guide I've ever seen in SL. "Advanced mode" is the same as viewer 2 has been though with a few more fixes and minor features. Since its pretty familiar to those used to v2, I'm going to stay away from going into those features for the moment. Instead I am going to list the pros and cons as I see them of the new optional mode.

  • 1) Very simple and semi intuitive movement and im controls make it very easy for the mmorpg user to experience Second Life.

  • 2) The new Destination Guide makes finding things to do for the new user much easier to a point. It still can be hard to find specific places or activities, but its a major step in the right direction.

  • 3) Point and click movement! A nice alternative way to navigate SL

  • 4) Cleaner UI. Not quite as clean as it could be but again a step in the right direction


  • 1) The "basic" mode can only access inventory via extreme workarounds. This is actually very frustrating for new users.

  • 2) Switching modes takes two relogs. One to get to the inventory screen and switch the mode. Another relog to make it active.

  • 3) "Basic" mode fails badly if web profiles are not working because many of the controls are harder or impossible to find redunancy for.

  • 4) Switching from "basic" to "advanced" mode can and has been very tramatic for new users because of the mandatory switch from point and click to wasd movement and various ui differences.

  • 5) There really needs to be a name swtich from "advanced" to something else, especially because of the "advanced" menu.

  • 6) Allot of people have argued for an "expert" mode with lots more options.

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