Thursday, April 7, 2011

If Ya Can't Make Fun Of YourSelf "Don't Complain" SecondLife and the Real World

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Wow/ hard to believe your back here for more of my rambling's. Anyways glad to see ya. More  sarcasm rules, so here we go. Supposedly SnowStorm has a new major release this weekend. We see what happens then.

   Boy I just love bashing these folks. One of these days they gonna toss me out of the meeting's. Until then I will continue to keep ya all laffing with my rambling, and incessant goof ball humor.

    Don't ya just love it ?

    A complete Whacko Chick, on the loose.

    OMG ! where did that come from ?

    So whats the real world all about ? You tell me! Is it about reality, or insanity ? How about War's ?

JayR Cela :_(

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

The Beta of 2.6.3 is here with bouncy bits :), and I am seeing a few users suddenly get interested in Viewer 2.
2.6.4 on dev - and we all know what 2.7 is supposed to bring us :).